Who will the best players in this draft turn out to be?

I'm really convinced that Jamaal Franklin will become the best player in this draft. He's an athletic miracle who can get into the paint, finish, and rebound at a high level. His jump shot could use some work, but is acceptable in the short term and will get better with time. His handle, too, isn't perfect, but like his jumpshot it will improve with time. Think a more athletic Tyreke Evans without the Wizardly ball-handling ability, and a jumpshot that's less of a project.

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if "Tyreke Evans without

if "Tyreke Evans without wizardly ball handling ability, and a jumpshot that's less of a project" turns out to be the best player in this draft, its worse than we thought.

I'm partial to Archie Goodwin, Trey Burke, and Shabazz. I think Burke is the most likley to be a solid pro, and Goodwin/Shabazz are the two dudes who have the most upside.

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I'm leaning towards Noel, but

I'm leaning towards Noel, but relative to draft position, I think one of the Euro guys or maybe MCW could be the best value (depending on where they go).

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He just has the best scoring ability out of anyone in the draft, I also think trey burke could end up being a very good starting pg in this league kind of like a kyle lowry

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