Who will be this year's Landry Fields?

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Who will be this year's Landry Fields?

Who will be this year's 2nd round draft pick where we all say "Who"? and then when the season hits, we say "oh that's who?"

My vote: David Lighty or Jon Diebler

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Only uneducated basketball

Only uneducated basketball fans would have said "who?" when Landry Fields was drafted. If you didn't know who he was you must have not followed college basketball. Pac 10 player of the year averaged 22+9. I'll be the first to admit I wasn't sure how he would translate in the NBA but all of the media members who were asking who this guy was were being ignorant.

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IF Chandler Parsons get wit da right team,hes gonna Surprise


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scotty hopson

scotty hopson will be a good nba player. He was one of the top player coming out of high school if go to the right coach that can help him become a better player. He has the nba size for a sg and a nice shot. He need to work on when to take good shots

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kalin lucas and durrell

kalin lucas and durrell summers.

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problem with these names is

problem with these names is that almost everyone kows who they are and i doubt anyone would boo if they were selected in the second round. Fields was an awesome college player, but he went compltely slept on and many people who didnt like the pick probably had to google his name to even know what team he played on.

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