who will be an nba allstar player this nba draft 2009 mock 1-20

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who will be an nba allstar player this nba draft 2009 mock 1-20

1 Blake Griffin
2 Ricky Rubio
3 Hasheem Thabeet
4 James Harden
5 Jordan Hill
6 Tyreke Evans
7 Jrue Holiday
8 Jonny Flynn
9 DeMar DeRozan
10 Stephen Curry
11 DeJuan Blair
12 Brandon Jennings
13 Jeff Teague
14 Ty Lawson
15 James Johnson
16 Earl Clark
17 Eric Maynor
18 Austin Daye
19 Gerald Henderson
20 Tyler Hansbrough

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Are u talking about odds? If

Are u talking about odds? If so i'd say only about 3 players in this draft will make more than 1 all star game...IMO the players who could do that are, in order


If I had to pick 3 i'd say Griffin, Derozan, and Hill as perenial all stars. Guys like Flynn, Blair, T. Williams, Curry may be great pros but not ALL STARS, they have 2 many limitations.

Yes Rubio bottom of the list. I dont see a slow, non-shooting PG being an all star. He could very well be Andre Miller, which is a compliment, but Miller is not an all star b/c he cant dominate and i dont see Rubio dominating compared to guys like Maynor,Jennings, and Teague who can get assists AND score

Rubio best case-15ppg, 9apg (i.e. Calderon/Andre Miller) vs Maynor best case19ppg,8apg, Teague 20ppg, 6apg, Jennings-18ppg, 10apg

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1. Blake Griffin 2. Ricky

1. Blake Griffin
2. DeMar Derozan
3. Ricky Rubio
4. Hasheem Thabeet
5. James Harden
6. Jonny Flynn
7. Tyreke Evans
8. Jordan Hill
9. Brandon Jennings
10. Stephen Curry
11. Jeff Teague
12. Earl Clark
13. Gerald Henderson
14. Ty Lawson
15. Jrue Holiday
16. DeJuan Blair
17. BJ Mullens
18. Eric Maynor
19. Chase Budinger
20. Terrence Williams

Of course I only think 4-5 guys from this draft have a legitimate chance to be an all-star, but lists are fun lol.

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