Who will be the better player? Turkeys James Birsen or Croatias

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Who will be the better player? Turkeys James Birsen or Croatias

After reading the articles on the home page of I noticed two things

Rudeboy is a &$#%#[email protected]! and that these two seem to have matching skillsets



Besides a year difference in age I also hear that Saric is the more aggresive of the 2

What do you jerks thing?

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Birsen is really good shooter for a guy his size and age, but Saric is head and shoulders above everyone in Europe right now when we talk about players who are years older or younger. Just look at his stats when he was playing against his age player in 2010 Europe u16 championship 24 points 11.5 rebounds and 6 assists on his way to MVP and championship. For example Birsen averaged 11 points 8 boards and 3 assists when he played in u16 championship this past summer.

To sum up, they both great prospects but for Saric the sky is the limit for him, the only things that can hold him are his below average athletism and of course he himself, although I believe that he is a hardworker and will be a great player.

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