who will be the all-stars, steals, bust and players ou their league.

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who will be the all-stars, steals, bust and players ou their league.

all-stars-blake griffin, johnny flynn, earl clark, demar derorzan,
steals- marcus thronton, jermaine taylor, jeff adrien, tyler hansbourgh, ty lawson, erick maynor, gerald henderson.
bust-thabeet, rubio, chase, mullens
out the league- ?

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very nice i'm with you, but

very nice i'm with you, but I'm really strong on Rubio making an impact in the league.

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Why dont you look for posts

Why dont you look for posts before you re-do them. This is like the 10th time!

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if jennings falls as

if jennings falls as predicted he could be a steal as well... maybe like granger was for the pacers

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Steal of a Deal: Jordan Hill

Blake Griffin: Eventhough, I'm not a huge Blake Griffin fan and believe he will have an injury plagued career; I still believe he has more than enough talent to one day become an allstar. I see him having a similar career to Elton Brand, a 20 - 10 guy with a few all star appearances and misses a lot of games.

Ricky Rubio: I see him having an almost Derrick Rose like impact on his team next year. While he wont get as many points as Rose look for him to create more opportunities for his teammate. It is pretty clear that Rose will be an allstar for years to come and so should Rubio.

James Harden: Would be a solid addition to the Thunder. He is very similar to Brandon Roy who will be an annual allstar. Doesn't have the same killer instinct as Roy and will have to play second fiddle to Durrant and Westbrook. Should become a very good player on a very good team. Enough to warrant at least one allstar appearance.

Jordan Hill: A guy that seemed a lock for the top 5 is now having his stock drop to the bottom of the lottery. If he does fall that far, he could be quite a steal. A real workhorse with a solid 15 foot jumper. I see him becoming a solid role player much like Udonis Haslem or David West. Don't forget, West has had a couple of allstar appearances.

Tyreke Evans: I have him down as one of the top 5 prospects in this draft and if taken around the 10th pick will be a huge steal. Had a great year at Memphis and should have a first year similar to Russell Westbrook.

DeMar DeRozan: My favorite prospect in the draft who I think could rival Harden for the 3rd selection by the Thunder. If he drops all the way to 9th he will be the biggest steal of the draft. A great athlete that finished the year strong at USC and has allstar potential.

Wayne Ellington: If taken out of the lottery will be a steal. Could be a starter in his first year. A smart player with a great jump shot. He should have an impact similar to Mario Chalmers, both of which are former NCAA MOP.

Curtis Jerrells / Leo Lyons / Jerel McNeal / DeMarre Carroll: I really like all four of these prospects. Are steals because they all will most likely be second round picks. All four should make opening day rosters for next season and make significant impacts.

Hasheen Thabeet: Lacks athleticism and an offensive game. Makes up for it with size and defense which could land him a spot as a starting center. Definitely not worth the 2nd overall pick that he is projected to become.

Jrue Holliday: Will be a bust because he wont reach the potential he should have. Needed to return for another year of school. Might be a lottery pick anyway based purely on potential. Can't play point guard which he proved in both college and high school. Small for a shooting guard. Put up mediocre numbers on a disappointing UCLA team.

Earl Clark / James Johnson: Not sure about either of these players. Both are really good athletes and are projected to be lottery picks. Clark had a poor showing at the combine and I'm afraid he will become too complacent in games. Johnson just doesn't have the basketball skills right now. Look for both to have first years more like Joe Alexander than Anthony Randolph. Don't know if either will make it in the league.

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Jrue Holiday is riding the coattails of Westbrook. People see the success that Westbrooke is having and think that Holiday could have the same impact. This could not be further from the truth. Draft wise his stock his high but talent wise he should have returned to college.

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carter i think ur off on a few guys....

carter i think ur off on a few guys....

1. R. Rubio the way people are talking about him reminds me exactly how they were hyping up S. Rodriguez .... let us not forget that only a couple of years ago this site along with other "basketball minds" were talking about S. Rodriguez as a game changing special talent.

2. E. Clark may never end up being the best player from this draft but at the same time u look around the league and guys who are 6'9/6'10, can handle the ball, shoot out to the 3pt line and defend both the 3/4 spot don't become bust. I'm pretty sure that any team in the league would love to have a L. Odom type on their team.

3. J. Hill will not be a steal! I'm not sure what games u were watching that gave u the impression that he can shoot a 15 ft jumper( i hope u were watch those workout tapes.... with NO guarding him) in a game. I'm not saying that he won't have a 10 year nba career but he won't be a guy ur looking back at in 5 yrs or so and saying damn how did they pass on him.

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