Who was the better prospect heading into their respective draft

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Who was the better prospect heading into their respective draft

Who was the better prospect if they were in the same draft?

I'm basically comparing trying to see who the better prospect as they were coming out of college, their NBA careers do not matter. Mostly looking at top three picks since '07 plus throwing some rookies in there. IE if they were in the draft after declaring who would have been picked first. Feel free to make a comprehensive list as well.

PG's--Irving, Wall, Rose

SG's--Beal, Harden, Mayo, Exum

SF's--Wiggins, Parker, M. Beasley, Turner, Durant, MKG

PF's--Davis, Derrick Williams, Favors, Griffin, Horford, Julius Randle

C's--Kanter, Thabeet, Oden, Embiid

My order

Point guards--Rose, Wall, Irving

SG's--Mayo, Exum, Harden, Beal

Sf's--Durant, Wiggins, Parker, Beasley, Turner, MKG

Pf's--Davis, Griffin, Derrick Williams, Horford, Randle, Favors

C's--Oden, Embiid, Thabeet, Kanter

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I'm basing my list off of

I'm basing my list off of (Impact, Production, Potential) before the draft.

  • PG - Rose, Wall, Irving
  • SG - Mayo, Exum, Harden, Beal
  • SF - Durant, Beasley, Parker, Wiggins, Turner, Kidd-Gilchrist
  • PF - Davis, Griffin, Williams, Randle, Horford, Favors
  • C - Oden, Embiid, Thabeet, Kanter

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IMO PG-Wall (says a lot


PG-Wall (says a lot considering Rose is my favorite player), Rose, Irving

SG-Harden, Mayo, Exum, Beal

SF-Durant, Wiggins, Beasley, Parker, Turner, MKG

PF-Davis, Griffin, Randle, Horford, Favors, Williams

C-Oden, Embiid, Kanter, Thabeet

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Favors was viewed as a big

Favors was viewed as a big time prospect due to his length and very good athletic ability ( not saying elite, just for stanfordhoops). He was viewed as a much better prospect than DWill and probably Randle too.

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Did you watch Beasley in

Did you watch Beasley in college?He was a beast,especially for a freshman!!26.2 ppg,12.4 rebounds,1.6 blocks on 53% and 37% from 3.And as far as athleticism,good numbers:6'8 and half,35' vertical ,7 1/4 wingspan, 8'11 standing reach etc...

If he had just finished his season at Kansas State with those numbers,and he was in this draft,i doubt anyone would pick Wiggins or Parker over him.The debate would be him or Embiid number 1(Im ignoring Exum hype until workouts)

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Rose- With two State HS

Rose- With two State HS titles, a national title appearance, size, strength, character, work ethic, extremely humble, and one of the most athletic players to play the position, ever. I think everyone was in agreement that this kid was special. - So sad, please come back.

Beal- Mayo obviously had a ton of hype ever since he was in 8th grade but I think Beal had more potential than him and the other SG's. One of his comps was a Dwayne Wade who could shoot it treamendously, that's pretty good.

Durant- A lengthy 6'11 player who can do everything including putting the ball on the floor and stroke it. Much like Rose, his character and work ethic were also extremely valued.

Anthony Davis - Blake had a lot of hype surrounding him but Davis had comps to Tim Duncan and KG. Personally, I was super high on Derrick Favors and would have taken him #1 overall.

Oden- Him being taken ahead of KD speaks volumes. There is only 1 team/GM/coach on record that would have taken KD over Oden and that is Ainge, Doc and the Celtics. Easy choice over the others.

In fact, I think they were all easy decisions besides the SG position. You have Beal last and I have him first. Are you asking personally or what the consesus thought?

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It looks like the guys from

It looks like the guys from your list who have MET or EXCEEDED expectations were D Rose (apart from injuries), John Wall, Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Blake Griffin, and Al Horford.

Jury is still out on Brad Beal but I think he will at least meet expectations. Too soon to tell about MKG but his ceiling might be Gerald Wallace -- not a perennial all star.

OJ Mayo arguably did not.

Beasley and Evan Turner are arguably busts (so far) or have not met expectations.

Kanter and Favors have not yet met expectations, but there is still time. Derrick Williams has yet to meet expectations either. I wouldn't count on all three breaking out though. Lucky if one of these 3 does, as the clock is ticking.

Oden and Thabeet are BUSTS. Their upside at this point is as serviceable backups.

It looks like that half of the guys have met or EXCEEDED their lofty expectations with a few outright busts.

For the new guys, Wiggins, Parker, Randle, Embiid, and Exum, their hype is really up there and they have sky high expectations. I would expect 2 or 3 of them to meet or exceed their lofty expectations, with another one of the guys basically meeting (or almost meeting) expectations. Based on the history since 2007 you can't rule out having at least one of these guys turning into a bust. If we bat 1.000% with all five exceeding their hyped-up expectations then that would be highly unusual and would rank this draft class as one of the best ever. That would basically mean that all five would be MVP candidates. So far, Rose has an MVP trophy, Durant will get one this year, and I am putting Blake and Anthony Davis into that MVP candidate category. You can also argue that James Harden is up there, with either John Wall or Kyrie Irving making another move higher into the MVP discussion at some point.

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I agree with you list however do you remember the hype around Beasley when he was in college it was in real and much more than wiggins and Parker it wasn't until the NCAA tournament and the bulls having the number one pick when people realized that there was someone other than him that could go number one

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Tough decisions

PG's - Rose, Wall, Irving

SG's - Harden, Mayo, Exum, Beal

SF's - Durant, Beasley, Wiggins, Parker, Turner, MKG

PF's - Davis, Griffin, Horford, Derrick Williams, Randle, Favors

C's - Oden, Embiid, Thabeet, Kanter

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PG - Rose, Wall, Irving SG -

PG - Rose, Wall, Irving

SG - Harden, Mayo, Exum, Beal

SF - Durant, Beasley, Wiggins, Parker, Turner, MKG

PF - Davis, Griffin, Williams, Horford, Randle, Favors

C - Oden, Embiid, Thabeet, Kanter

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In my opinion: PG's--Rose,

In my opinion:

PG's--Rose, Wall, Kyrie

SG's--Exum, Mayo, Harden, Beal

SF's--Durant, Wiggins, Beasley, Jabari, Turner, MKG

PF's--Anthony Davis, Blake Griffin, Al Horford, Derrick Favors, Julius Randle, Derrick Williams

C's--Oden, Embiid, Kanter, Thabeet

I liked all of the PGs, SGs, and SFs coming out. Never really thought Derrick Williams or Thabeet would amount to much, and I was wary of Kanter.

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Horford was not that great

Horford was not that great coming from Florida he would never be picked over Favors, Williams or Randle... Also Harden never had the hype of Mayo or Beal and this is going off of what we knew then not now

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It's easy to forget (and

It's easy to forget (and crazy in retrospect), but there was a serious debate about taking Irving or Williams number one. Many argued that taking Williams and a guard at 4 (Brandon Knight was a name that was tossed around following a clutch Final Four run) made more sense than taking Irving. Many questioned how legit Irving was because of a limited sample size, but Cleveland clearly made the correct decision.

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