Who was the best boxer over the last 20yrs

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Who was the best boxer over the last 20yrs

That would be 1990-2010

Me and my brother having a argument about who is the best pound for pound boxer over the last 20yrs. His obvious choice was mike tyson because of his combo of speed power skill and agressive nature. I say roy jones jr. because he had the power speed and skill but my argument was the only reason he lost was because his skills were dimminished and he was older. He suffer his only real lost vs antonio tarver in 2004 when he was way past his prime. While tyson lost in his prime to buster douglas......

Agree? Disagree? Any other options?

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I think iron mike will be the

I think iron mike will be the obvious answer for alot of casual fans and in his prime he was a beast

I would have to say its a tie for me between Bernard Hopkins and RJJ

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De La Hoya deserves

De La Hoya deserves mention....he won titles in like 6 classes.

Also, Pacquiao as well.

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