The "who they should have drafted" draft lottery.

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The "who they should have drafted" draft lottery.

Here are my choices of who I would have picked if I was a gm for all of the teams:

1. Wizards - John Wall - They made the right choice.

2. 76ers - Evan Turner - They made the right choice.

3. Nets - Derrick Favors - They made the right choice.

4. Timberwolves - DeMarcus Cousins - I know he didn't want to come to Minnesota, but they brought that on themselves. He could have been a good player in Minnesota. Draft Cousins and trade Jefferson.

5. Kings - Wesley Johnson - If Cousins was gone Johnson wouldbe the easy choice he fits in with them perfectly.

6. Warriors - Al-Farouq Aminu - They have had success in drafting small forwards in the top 6 in the past (Antawn Jamison) and they need one because they traded Maggette with Aminu at the 3 and Randolph at the 4 they would be pretty good.

7. Pistons - Greg Monroe - They made the right choice.

8. Clippers - Ekpe Udoh - Udoh liked the idea of playing with Blake Griffin and I think Udoh could be a Ben Wallace type player in the NBA. Draft Udoh and trade Kaman for a small forward,with three promising young big men in Griffin, Jordan, and Udoh for the future.

9. Jazz - Gordon Hayward - They made the right choice. I know that I am going to get docked for this, but I really think Utah made the right choice. Hayward fits in perfectly with them and they can always get big man through trade, free agency, and undrafted free agents.

10. Pacers - Eric Bledsoe - They need a point guard badly and Bledsoe is a high risk high reward pick. I think he would have been a good poing guard for Indiana.

11. Hornets - Xavier Henry - He would be a great shooting guard with a point guard like Chris Paul. They would have been set at point guard and shooting guard.

12. Grizzlies - Paul George - They get a good replacement for Gay if he leaves and some scoring at the small foward position.

13. Raptors - Ed Davis - They made the right choice.

14. Rockets - Patrick Patterson - They made the right choice.

These picks are just my opinion, I appreciate comments, and I will explain any pick that you have a problem with. This was just for a little fun and how I thought/would've liked to see the draft turn out.

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The Wolves may not have taken the best player available which seems like a terrible choice, but what they did is solidified a specific part of a team. Aside from Corey Brewer, nobody played defense on this team last year and after the draft day we now have 2 players which defense is there specialty (Martell & Lazar) and Wes is good at defense and also can produce offense from a position we had no production from last year. When a team is in the rebuilding process you have to fill every part of a team, with Rubio most likely coming over next year it looks as if we will have the back court taken care of. I also believe that the front office has to be close to a deal for Jefferson, and if the Wolves do take Cousins, Jeffersons trade value decreases tremendously because all the teams would know that we have to get rid of him in order to make room for Cousins.

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the wolves do not, do not,

the wolves do not, do not, need cousins, even though he is the best talent there, he is not what they need. they need a guy who they know has a good positive attitude. they also need chemistry, getting wesley johnson helps because him and johnny flynn played in practice together, even though he never played on the court together, still better then nothing. And kevin love is a good power forward, he might not be as good as cousins will be five down the road but still.

in a way i understand with the xavier henry pick, but they really don't need him. they have marcus thorton, even though he is undersized, they really like him. also they will run collison and paul sometimes during the game if the other teams shooting guard is anything bigger then 6'4 or 6'5 i thought when they picked cole aldrich they would most certaintly keep him because there bench behind okafor and west is plain awful. I also felt that aldrich would have a chance starting.

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you forgot ryan reid.....

you forgot ryan reid.....

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The warriors really needed a big man. I understand ur point with aminu, BUT, Biedrins is just plain bad for their system, wright will never develop and randolph is all what they have. Monroe would have been the pick to me.

Also...I think Udoh is a reach at 8 too.

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Does anybody know what the

Does anybody know what the Warriors even wanna do with Udoh? Epke said in workouts that the Warriors matched him up with all the centers. So maybe thats where they are gonna try and fit him in at with Biendrins on his way out. Monroe and Aminu would have easily been better fits.

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Doesnt anyone think the rockets have too much depth at the 4 and 5?

Think about it:

PF: scola/hill/jeffries/patterson
C: Yao/hayes/andersen


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