Who is tha most overrated star player?

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Who is tha most overrated star player?

Ofcourse every top tier player is good but who do you feel just gets too much credit?

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Although Nash makes his teammates better on the offensive end, he cancels that out with his inability to play help defense or man defense. I look at him similar to Ben Wallace in that he is one dimensional, yet gets more credit than he deserves because of his ability to make his teammates better. Wallace was a tremendous defender who made up for the shortcomings of his teammates, yet offensively he was just as worthless as Nash is defensively. The overall impact Nash has on the game is nothing compared to what Shaq and Kobe(the 2 guys he beat out for MVP) had, as they both were(still are in kobe's case) dominant on both ends of the floor.

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Lebron James

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My thoughts

Yao Ming. He's strength is in his height only. Yeah he's tall but he doesn't move like a Shaquille O'Neal.

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Danny Granger- teams rarely double team him and he is a solid player and fills the stat sheet but some say he is better than Carmelo and I jus dont think so. Carmelo sees double teams almost every possession.

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Co-sign on Granger; he puts

Co-sign on Granger; he puts up good numbers, but I've rarely seen him dominate a game, seems to lack the ability to take over which is kind of necessary for the franchise player. Lazy D is also going against him.

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He has a BIG BIG BIG contract and never made huge numbers. I am agree with Granger and Nash opinion.

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