Who starts if both in camp: Flynn or Rubio?

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Rubio is the best passer the

Rubio is the best passer the draft has seen since Chris Paul. Johnny Flynn will be a scoring point guard in this league. To me he's more of an undersized Steve Francis than Chris Paul. A realistic peak for Flynn to me is 21ppg, 8apg, 5rpg, 2spg. I'm not saying that's what he's going to become, but I think that is what his potential peak is at. Take it from a guy who watched Flynn play all last year. Guys got a long way to go.

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rubio is the best passer in

rubio is the best passer in this draft based on what?..when you factor in his assist you also have to factor in his turnovers as well...he averaged 5.8ast a game and 4 turnovers a game so if you say hes the best passer you also have to say he is the most turnover prone as well..and since you watched flynn more then me then ill take youre opnion of him seriously but at the same time ive watched rubio 9times in person when i was playing over in spain in the second division and from visiting some of my close friends who played over there the past 2 years so i know al lil more about rubio then most people including most nba scouts( who have seen him play on average 3 games not including the olympics)

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