Timberwolves in my eyes are a few players from having a break out season....some players that i think they should pick up in the draft...#1 Kyrie Irving.....obviously Jonny Flynn is not the be honest i hate watching the guy play. With Kyrie, i personally think he will be the next great point guard in the league (NEXT CHRIS PAUL)...with kyrie he has the shooting ability and scoring skills our point guards dont possess. He also has the poise and leadership skills that might be able to lead us to wins in close game situations...i swear i watched about 10 games this year that we lost in the 4th quarter!!! ughhhh!!!!!!!!! Next on my wish list is Enes Kanter...I dont really know much about this guy but from the things i heard he can shoot outside and can really stretch out the defense...also he is a rebounding machine, with him and K-Love down low we could have the most feared front court in the league...but i'm not so high on the young turkish sensation for all we know he could stay with his club team for 2 years (inside joke...thanks ricky)...and with Kyrie coming we would trade Rubio for a proven shooting guard or a proven center. This does sound exciting to think about..but however, the twolves are known for getting screwed the the nba draft lottery...if we dont get the #2 pick and drop to #3,4,5...we would go for Harrison Barnes...I dont necessarily like this pick but he shows great promise...he will be a wing the can knock down the 3 and a scorer, but what separates him from a Wes Johnson or a Martell Webster?? with the #18 pick twolves recieve from the Grizzlies...i would love to see them pick up Kemba Walker...Kemba is a proven scorer and competitor...quick as a fricken cheetah on a sugar rush...this guy could be the steal of the draft and would starting point for the twolves...depending on the Rubio situation if we decide to trade his rights or keep him...i personally would like him in a twolves uniform...i mean we have been waiting for 2 years now the least he could do is play in a twolves uniform.

I noticed that the Clippers could take our first round not an expert on that kind of stuff so if anyone knows what the deal is with our first round pick and the Clippers please let me know!!

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I think they should take

I think they should take Irving. I think having Irving will provide them with more wins and better leadership. Irving will be or close to the next Chris Paul. While i don't think drafting Irving and another player will get the T-Wolves to the playoffs next year I think it will make them better. I think though if they draft the right guy with the second pick it could get them to the playoffs or close. This draft taking two point guards would make sense if somehow you traded off Flynn and Rubio for a SG. Irving and then Kemba Walker. I heard that the Mavs would like Rubio so maybe try and get jason terry from the mavs. I think jason terry would help and he is a clutch fourth quarter player. If you can't get Irving then try and take Derrick Williams as long as you don't have a third or later pick or by some miracle williams is on the board with the 3rd pick but i don't think that will be.

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Are pick is gonna stay with

Are pick is gonna stay with us cause its top 5 protected. and we are in the top five lol. THE WOLVES NEED TO TRADE INSTEAD OF DRAFT. WE NEED A C. BEFORE WE GET A PG. AND WITH THE DRAFT COMING UP I SAY WE TRADE THE PICK WITH and SEBASTIAN TELFAIR,and ANTHONY TOLIVER FOR THESE 1 OF THESE TWO PLAYERS. (1) greg oden (2) roy hibbert. Forreal. THE PACERS AND THE BLAZERS NEED A POINT GUARD. OR PROBABLY A PLAYER IN THE TOP FIVE THEY NEED . AND ANY TEAM THAT TAKES THIS WILL TAKE A BUDGET CUT. and with the pick we got from the grizzles get a need position KAHN. T and in the offseason we are getting o.j mayo cause he is gonna be a free agent and he will start on the wolves roster. and he wouldnt mine too play with guys he knows from his draft class. if not free agent trade grizzles draft pick and nekio polivic and AND WAYNE ELLINGTONG FOR O.J MAYO.

so are roster would look like this

1.ricky rubio

2.o.j mayo

3.micheal beasly

4.kevin love

5.roy hibbert/ greg oden

core bench:

martell webster

luke ridnour

anthony randolf

darko milic

wesly johnson

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The wolves badly need a PG, a true PG, a legit PG, a Starting PG, a floor general.

Flynn is nowhere close to that, ridnour is a weak starter(nonetheless a proven and quality back up), rubio's all hype, he simply can't shoot the ball.

Build something start with a PG for them, those johnson-beasley-randolph need that.

Draft irving, find the best value for flynn-rubio, maybe a package of chips....

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I dont know we should stick

I dont know we should stick with Rubio cause the point guard isnt suppose to score really in the triangle. But, move the baLL around. Ill go with Rubio cause he plays against team USA. Irving college. thats just me

i say we go with one of the European players Jonas or Dontas. 1 of them can play center . they both have high IQS . and excellent passing abilitys espically dontas and left hand nig man that can shoot the 3pt shoot. ill go with Dontas instead of irving

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Best available

Draft best available, how can you hate on Rubio? I am a firm believer in you have to earn respect, but he looked great in the olymics. We try but can't execute the triangle, it's a pretty comlicated offense, and basketball is basketball, I don't care what country you play for it's not as complicated as you guys make it out to be. You must remember we have nothing to loose, we can't be any worse then we are.We need a miracle not a ball player, probably not gonna happen.

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that is right Trav, well

that is right Trav, well spoken from a true fan in Timberwolves basketball.

If we get the top pick we probably aint gonna keep it


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I think if Irving is available, they need to take him and trade Rubio.

That said, I'm kind of hoping they trade the pick, and get next year's back. This year's draft class is looking weaker every day, and the talent available doesn't match what the Wolves need. Next years draft will be MUCH better.

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No we need to keep Rubio.

No we need to keep Rubio. Cause he is aplaymaker for his teammates, and Darko and him would have a connetion cause they both foriegn players.

And with the first pick we have we need to take a defensive player who can come off the bench or we simply trade the pick for core players.

somebody in the nba need Kyrie Irving.




3. 76ers








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"You want to get back on the

"You want to get back on the court as fast as you can," Horford said. "He just wanted to make sure I felt right, I felt comfortable and I appreciated that because it helped me get back sooner and helped me feel more confident on the court as a player."

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