Who should this team draft?

If i remember right this team has two draft picks one in the lottery and one later in the draft from Orlando. So with that being said who are the two players that Phoenix should draft. With the first pick and that is if he's on the board I think they should take Terrence Jones if not and he's still on the board I'd go with Kemba Walker. I do think though Walker will be gone in the top 10. If they take Walker though he could learn from Nash about passing. Never mind about the two picks I was apparantly wrong. I would definity take either Jones, Walker or Klay Thompson although I don't know much about Thompsons game. To me this team needs a backup SG or just some great defenders.

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One of the picks goes to

One of the picks goes to Houston from the Aaron Brooks trade, it will probably be the lower pick but the way this years draft is shaping up they may send the higher draft pick because the draft is so weak to shed salary

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The more likely outcome will

The more likely outcome will be a full roster of 15, with the final two spots hired on a trial basis until the standard cut-down date in early January. According to Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations Jim Buss, the Lakers have had their eye on Sacre for some time.

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