Who Should this team draft?

Who should this team draft? I personally think this team should go for Derrick Williams if they get the number one pick. This team doesn't need Kyrie Irving. Enes Kanter is another possibly too.

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its for sure the nets...the

its for sure the nets...the only team that has the potential to draft #1 that has a certified great PG

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are you dumb the nets dont

are you dumb the nets dont even have a lottery pick its obviously the wizards

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Either Wizards or the Cavs. I

Either Wizards or the Cavs. I really don't think the Wizards will win the Lottery two years in a row. I don't think Stern would allow it.

And thanks to TaylorCondrin for saying the Nets. That means the Jazz get Derrick Williams who they are going to absolutely love.

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this doesn't even relate to

this doesn't even relate to what I'm asking.

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they should draft the

they should draft the Kantemenator and try to trade Andray for a young wing prospect or keep him if they want

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