Who should of stayed in College?

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Who should of stayed in College?

Hey guys first time posting in a long time, have been very busy, and have not been able too use a computer because they don't have many where I am at haha. But I get too come home for about a month, just in time for the NBA finals and the draft! (what luck, right!?)

So with that said. I was thinking of how there are always players who jump into the pros too early. And this draft class is no different, even though it does make this draft pretty deep, and I want to know who you guys think are 5 guys that should of returned?

My 5 are. (in no order)

1. Quincy Miller- The reasons why I think Miller should of returned are many. First off I think if he went in next years draft, a much weaker draft, he would get picked much higher if he had a good year. Second he would be able too work on his body and work on getting back more of his athleticism (because his knee was not healthy. He could work on his game and get stronger. He would get drafted higher, and he would have a better chance of success.

2. Austin Rivers- Now I understand he is seen as a lottory pick, but I feel as though another year under Coach K and working on his game, could help him big time. Maybe not get him drafted higher, (though it could) it would make him a better pro.

3.Marquis Teague- He plays out of control sometimes, and he did not live up too huge expectations. And he was stuck in the shadow of MKG and Davis. With one more year of learning too run a team, and getting too star and standout more, and working on his passing. He could be a lottory pick and a very good player.

4. Will Burton- He had a great year, but in such a deep draft he will be lucky too be taken in late first round. If he came back and had a big year, he could get taken much higher in 2013.

5. Tony Wroten- This guy has star potential! But he is raw and plays out of control sometimes. I think coming back and working on his game, and getting to be the star of Washington, would help him in the long run. And would make him a better pro. And his draft stock would rise in a much weaker draft.

Please let me know what you guys think on my list, and who you guys have on yours.

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I agree with you that Austin

I agree with you that Austin Rivers should have stayed another year.

You just look at him on the basketball court and he just looks puny. His body imo is not ready for the NBA evidenced by the fact he could only do one rep in the bench press.

I think he could've added weight to his frame in the offseason and then come back and have a dominant season at Duke and make his case as a legitimate Top 10 pick (which he isn't now).

The only thing is, Rivers has been around the NBA all his life and I don't think he could bare another year of not playing in the League. You can tell he wants it bad. Lets see if he proves us wrong and is actually a productive player in the NBA.

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Teague and Rivers

Both could have used 2 years. The main thing about both of them is unlike others who do it for financial reasons, these two I'm pretty sure their families are just fine financilly.

I think Teague got caught up with the Kentucky crew all leaving. He could have benefitted by being the man in Lexington had he gone back on what should be still a very good team.

Rivers has the swagger no doubt he just needs refine his game for the league. Also needs to learn how to finish with his left bigtime.

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i agre with you

i agree with you on the teague and austin rivers part

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5 guys

not in a particular order

Andre Drummond- he could really polish his game. Free throws some and maybe prove that he can win more. He's got the upside no doubt, but maybe he could take that boom or bust monkey off his back.

Fab Melo- as much as I like Melo, he's immature. If he stayed, he could work on his over all game and become a lottery pick next year. Oh and Syracuse is good next year- but they would be really good if he stayed too.

Tony Wroten- please get a jump shot! Free throws too. An NBA team should not get away with a "hack a guard" philosophy. Just doesn't make sense. He has potential, but imagine if he could shoot.

PJ3- He's got so much potential, but has no true position. Another year at Baylor with the players that left could actually help his weaknesses and maybe get him to have some kind of NBA position.

John Henson- While he might make an impact being so long, he might get pushed around like a rag doll- getting stronger and working in the weight room would definitely help.

There's other guys too I haven't mentioned, but I figure I would select potetial first rounders...

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Rivers has the swagger, and

Rivers has the swagger, and the body of a thirteen year old swimmer.

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everytime i see something up on this site from UNCbum its always something along the lines of bashing duke. I get it your a die hard unc fan and ur team did do better than duke this year, but ur team didnt live up to expectations. btw that 13 yr old swimmer is micheal phelps

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Andre Drummond should not

Andre Drummond should not have stayed in school. He is pretty much a lock to go in the 1st half of the lottery. If he goes back to school and doesn't improve scouts begin to ask why he hasn't got any better over the course of a year which thus he slides down the draft order and costs himself millions. Think what happened to Sullinger this year. He was going in the top 5 if he came out last year. This year, no chance.

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/\/\ Amen Frogman. There is

/\/\ Amen Frogman. There is absolutely no reason for Drummond to return. Does he need more polish? Of course. But he's a guaranteed top 5 pick and may go as high as number 2. The only thing that can happen with him returning to school is the possibility of himself hurting his stock, or physically getting hurt. He can work on the same things he needs to work on with NBA coaching and against NBA competition. He's making the right decision to enter.

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Draft Sleepers

Malik Wayns will provide great point guard to a playoff team , Quincy Acy will be a banger, Herb Pope should a decent rotation player for a contending team .. Just Watch

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Quincy Miller

From a business perspective, Quincy Miller no doubt shouldve stayed. He is a lottery pick talent that likely will not be picked in the lottery.

I pretty much agree with your list because mostly everyone in there is not a guaranteed lottery pick. If there is one I disagree with its Rivers. I dont think he wouldve improved much a 2nd year at Duke and he still is likely to be a lottery pick this year.

Teague couldve benefitted as a player from staying and improved his stock slightly. The problem is, if Teague were to stay, I am almost positive that Cal would play him at SG because Harrow is the better pure PG. Harrow was going to play big minutes with Teague and I think it would be a no brainer as to who would be the PG and who would be the SG. So, I cant be too hard on him for leaving.

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I agree on three of your

I agree on three of your list. Miller is a top 10 pick if he returns to be the man next year. Him coming out actually makes me more nervous about his injury. Maybe he just doesn't have it anymore and is cashing in his chips?

It's a weak 2-years for 1s. Teague, with that and more responsibility on next year's Kentucky team, would have been top 10 and made a lot more money.

Burton is probably a pick in the 20s most years. He'll be second round now and guaranteed no money. That = a smart return.

Wroten is smart to come out. He's a guy who will need the right situation to succeed. He's poised to go first round but to a good team that will have a plan and the ability to help him develop. He can improve his shooting with an NBA second unit and really help one score.

Coach K isn't exactly known for getting his players NBA ready. Besides Grant Hill, I struggle to really think of a superstar out of Duke. Rivers is what he is and needs NBA coaching and talent to improve.

No way should Drummond have returned. If you can go top 5, you do... right Mr Sullinger and Barnes?

To add two to your list:

Moe Harkless is a top 10 pick next year, for sure. St. Johns was poised to make a run with him and he has awesome potential.

Perry Jones should have offered staying if his coach would play him as a 3. He doesn't appear to be a lotto pick this year so he really should have tried one more to see if he could recover his stock.

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Should of stayed

Should of stayed another year:

Dion Waiters: Yes Waiters has been the talk of the draft with him pulling out of the combine, but for a guy who is projected as the possible 8th pick to falling to 15th is a big difference. If he stayed another year he would of been THE MAN of the team, as he would of finally been named the starter and showcased his skills, making him a lock in the top 10 next year and perhaps a lock in the top 5.

Quincy Miller: Bad timing, coming off an injury and unable to perform to his best capabilities as well as not being NBA ready at this point, another year under his belt at Baylor would of benefited him improving his strength and regaining old form. Could of made himself better overall and be considered a top 15 draft choice next year instead of slipping out of the lottery.

Marques Teague: Too many weapons this past year and was overlooked. Inconsistent play as a freshmen did not suit the scouts. Another year as the leader of the team and being the only returning starter would of benefited him, with a breakout season next year would of jumped him into the lottery.

Moe Harkless: Too raw and would of only improved, could of been a lock next year in the lottery and perhaps top 10.

Tony Wroten: Way too many flaws in his game as of right now, erratic free throw shooter along with turnover prone. Displays the size and talent to be successful at the next level, just needs more grooming.


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I agree with gstar69 on Herb Pope...I think he is going to be a good player...Not an all star but just a strong player in the league...

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I just don't see him being a good NBA player right now... If he would have stayed in college and polished his game he would have put himself in a better situation to be a top 10 pick...He did not show enough ability to play the point at the next level...He is not ready for the NBA right now...I can easily see him not getting picked in the first round...

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