Who Should the Orlando Magic Draft?

with the 19th and 49th pick who should the Orlando Magic draft?

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I really want to magic to

I really want to magic to draft quincy miller, or royce white. Im an Orlando fan and i hope we can get one good player from the draft for first time since reddick.

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Moe Harkless, he could be

Moe Harkless, he could be nice role player for them at the SF position, Hedo Turkoglu just doesn't cut it anymore - those days better suite to be sixth man!

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Wait, Daniel Orton wasn't a

Wait, Daniel Orton wasn't a good pick?

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It's hard to say. A lot

It's hard to say. A lot depends on the plan for moving Dwight Howard. I'm not sure where they are in the process of trading him, but if they're close it will effect who they take.

I'm excited for Magic fans though, bringing in the Thunder assistant GM should make a big difference for them. Good luck to him though, Otis Smith took on some anchor like contracts that will be challenging to move. They probably take someone like Moe Harkless or maybe a big guy if one slips to them like Sullinger or Moutrie.

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Perry jones or wroten

Perry jones or wroten

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They need to target a

They need to target a replacement for Dwight, I say Fab Melo.

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