Who should go number One in the draft ?

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Who should go number One in the draft ?

I would Actually take Anthony Davis or Perry jones over Andre Drummond. Anthony is super skilled fluid athlete. Perry Jones supreme athlete but plays too much outside the paint. I'm not sure to think of Andre Drummon he is A good athlete but I say A notch below Amare Stroudemire but is A bit taller and bigger.

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It's still too early to

It's still too early to say.

Anthony Davis being taken ahead of Andre Drummond seems realistic and reasonable, but I don't know about Perry Jones. I think at best, Perry Jones is a top 5 pick, not number one.

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Perry Jones and Andre

Perry Jones and Andre Drummond both are too unrefined and risky to take at #1. You better know for damn sure that the guy you're taking #1 will pan out.

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Harrison Barnes.

Harrison Barnes.

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Jeremy Lamb is the best

Jeremy Lamb is the best prospect!

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