Who is the safest lottery pick this year?

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Who is the safest lottery pick this year?

To me, I think either Trey Burke or Victor Oladipo are the safest lottery picks.. especially Victor Oladipo. I know for sure with Oladipo I am going to get a player who play his heart out every minute he is out there on the court and the guy is just too athletic to play no matter how bad his offensive struggles may be or something like that. Thoughts?

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Alex Len because he's a

Alex Len because he's a skilled big man who can contribute right away, has lots of potential and is only 19 years old. Played college ball so he won't have a hard time adjusting to the NBA level.

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"Played college ball" and

"Played college ball" and "won't have a hard time adjusting to the NBA" a by no means synonyms. He has high potential but isn't what'd be called a "safe pick".

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A 7'1 center with a stress

A 7'1 center with a stress fracture on his lower body is the exact opposite of safe.Stress fractures are a lot of the time a sign of things to come for tall athletes.

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Trey Burke - Has a really

Trey Burke - Has a really well polished game, not tall but with a 6'5 wingspan will survive in the NBA.
Victor Olapido - Like you said he plays hard 100% of the time, a very good defender and his offensive game can only get better.
Mason Plumlee - In four years with Duke he's shown that he is a very solid player. He won't be amazing in the NBA but it's very unlikely that he won't make an immediate contribution to whichever team drafts him.
Kentavious Caldwin-Pope - Good size and a good shooter, he's a safer pick then Ben McLemore, but with less upside.

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Burke, Porter or Dipo. They

Burke, Porter or Dipo. They look like solid pros with low bust appeal.

Out of some of the top guys I think Zeller and Bennett could be more of a risk. Bennett is a tweener and Zeller is a T-Rex who i think could struggle against bigger and stronger pros.

Sometimes its best to draft safe rather than swing for the fences (eg Biyombo)

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Otto Porter

Otto Porter

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Nerlens Noel. At worst, he'll

Nerlens Noel. At worst, he'll be a solid rotational big that provides good defense and rebounding.

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Noel would certainly be a

Noel would certainly be a safe pick based on his defensive abilities but the knee injury still makes him a slight risk. I would say Otto Porter. He reminds me of Greg Monroe in the sense that his low bust potential is almost hurting him. If he falls outside the top 5 somebody will get very lucky.

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I'd never consider anyone

I'd never consider anyone with a torn ACL "safe" for the fact that he's at risk of a number of other injuries if he compensates for a lack of symmetry in his legs out the gate.

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First name that comes to mind

First name that comes to mind is Otto Porter. I could see him either being a solid glue guy if a team like New Orleans or Detroit takes him or third scoring option if Cleveland gets him. He has no character or ego issues so off court you don't have to worry about him either. He will rebound, defend, and take care of the ball and make smart decisions.

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Porter or Oladipo. Porter is

Porter or Oladipo. Porter is going to stick around in the league forever because he can do it all. Oladipo has two college skills that translate perfectly to the NBA and that is hustling his ass off every time he is on the floor and playing great defense.

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I wouldn't say anybody that is safe but Porter is simply solid and knows exactly what he brings to the dance. The rest are either too small for their projected position, too raw, not athletic enough and some are already showing early signs of potential injury hiccups.

It just goes to show that every draft can't have a freshman savior ala Davis, Irving, Wall, Rose or Durant. Thank God that this baron spell will be over after this draft and we can look forward to a deeper draft. I'm sure that there is a fair share of solid players but there's a distinct lack of star power here.

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McLemore seems, to me, like a

McLemore seems, to me, like a guy who, at the worst is a player who's a good enough shot to score 12 ppg and defend his position well. I think his floor is pretty high considering his work ethic.

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i dunno Joe

thing is theyre gonna take Ben in top 3 probs, so you would expect a bit more down the line maybe and im not sure hell ever have more. Obviously hell become a better shooter but whatelse from a number 3 pick. Pope is an equally skilled shooter and will probs be able to provide the same 10-12 points from a much lower draft position. Even Shabazz at 8 or so i feel is pretty safer a pick

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Anthony Bennett. The success

Anthony Bennett. The success of the Maxiells, Millsaps and even Draymond Green shows size is somewhat overrated. He's got skills and a rediculous motor, and is very efficient. I love his game.

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