Who picks up the slack?

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Who picks up the slack?

Hypothetically speaking, let's say the top free agents of 2012 do decide to opt out and look for new opportunities. Who on their previous teams you think can fill the void as the No. 1 option on the team?

Magic (Dwight Howard) - I think it would have to be Ryan Anderson. This guy has shown when he is given minutes, he produces.

Hornets (Chris Paul) - What a "sting" would it be for the Hornets if Paul leaves. Keeping Darren Collison and Marcus Thorton would have made this easy, but I would highly suggest the REBUILD process considering I believe there is no one on this team that can be a No. 1 option. Bellinelli? Ariza (remember Houston)? Okafor? I think not.

Brooklyn (Deron Williams) - Now this depends if the Nets can bring someone in to persuade D-Will to stay, but if he does leave, I believe the Nets will once again turn to their big man in B-Lo and can also develop a promising rookie G in Marshon Brooks.


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WoW!! After you said Ryan

WoW!! After you said Ryan Anderson will take up the Slack After Howard Leaves I STOPPED READING!!!

But i said it when he was in New Jersey..That Anderson is an Underrated Player.He has a nice post game,a good rebounder and decent shooter..But if The Magic are looking for him to Replace Howard..They're in TROUBLE!!!

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Anderson is nothing more than

Anderson is nothing more than a solid role player in the right system. Right system meaning a team that needs a stretch 4.

This isnt a knock on the guy, because he does bring a nice skill set to the table, but he's never going to be the number one option or even number 2 option on a solid playoff team.

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