Who to pair with?

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Who to pair with?

A thread yesterday had me thinking about this.

Who do you feel would be the perfect fit playing the part of "the other guard" for these rising stars:

1. O.J. Mayo

2. Tyreke Evans

3. Derrick Rose

4. Stephen Curry

5. Russell Westbrook

Please provide 1 realistic example and 1 "if you could pick anyone in the NBA" example for each player you decide to comment on...

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Mayo - DWilliams Evans - Mike

Mayo - DWilliams
Evans - Mike Miller
Rose - Kevin Martin
Curry - Dwayne Wade
Westbrook - Kevin Martin

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1. Well, I think Mayo would

1. Well, I think Mayo would work with Bayless; a scoring slasher would pair well with a shooter like Mayo.

2. Stephen Curry. He would be the perfect partner for Evans. He can play off the ball and is a standout shooter.

3. I thought the Bulls should have selected James Anderson with the 17 pick to provide a shooting back-court guard for Rose to dish to.

4. Tyreke Evans... see above.

5. I actually think Westbrook and Harden are a good match already. He provides D and shooting and should complement Westbrooks driving slashing game well.

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Wow, I am surprised to hear someone say what I have been thinking for months... Tyreke and Curry would thrive together IMO.

And I definitely agree with you about Westbrook, hopefully for the Thunder he continues to improve and becomes a solid player.

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Best Fits

1. O.J. Mayo and Kirk Hinrich- he needs a defensive 3 point shooting guard

2. Tyreke Evans and Roddy Beaubouis- Reke can still control the ball and get guys involved and Roddy can score

3. Derrick Rose and Eric Gordon- Meanstreets Express

4. Stephen Curry and Terrence Williams- he needs an athletic wing who can handle the ball and get him open 3's

5. Russell Westbrook and James Harden- I LOVE watching them play together

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I would say that a few of these guys a spot up shooter would be ideal. The likes of Evans, Westbrook, Mayo and Rose are great penetrators who tend to dominate the ball. Give them an outside specialist and i think they would excel. Someone like Eric gordon, mike miller, or the aging ray allen would be a good fit i think.

For steph curry, i think billups or wade could be a good fit. Some bigger guard that can handle the ball too and get off their own shots.

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1. O.J. Mayo- Russell

1. O.J. Mayo- Russell Westbrook or Rajon Rondo: From Mayo's perspective, I want Mayo moving off the ball a good portion of the time as he's a deadly shooter and not great getting to the line. When he's on the ball he has a dynamite athlete to slash and finish his sometimes over zealous passes. Not to mention this would have the potential to be a lock down defensive backcourt.

2. Tyreke Evans- Steph Curry: From Evans perspective, Evans plays the two. He can dominate the ball a little more because I like his ball handling, slashing and strength more than anyone on this list. He's much more Dwayne Wade in his approach than say a Rose in terms of scoring mentality. With his ability to create and get to the rim he has a player who can catch in shot from any situation he makes, while also alleviating any pressure he may face as the primary ball handler. I personally want Curry with the ball because he's a better decision maker and more willing passer. Another dominant defnsive squad with Evans man-to-man and Curry using his quick hands and anticipation to play the passing lanes.

3. Derrick Rose- Jamal Crawford: Rose is the most dominant player on this list, and the player I expect to rise to true superstar status. He's excellent with the ball, has tremendous passing, vision, and willingness, with dynamic athleticism, quickness and strength. All he lacks is a consistent three pointer. I think the acquisition of Boozer is more important to Rose for a consistent post scorer, but I think Jamal's infinite range and catch and shoot ability would make them unstoppable. Any guard that come to double team would be punished immediately.

4. Stephen Curry- Tyreke Evans: From Curry's perspective. While I believe for Curry this is a lot like the Ellis situation, primarily in how Ellis and Evans get their points, but Evans is a much better halfcourt player in terms of ball control and efficiency, as well as a more willing passer, allowing him to to catch and shot or isolate if he wants. His range and jumpshot is his greatest asset, as well as he passing ability, which is still underrated.

5. Russell Westbrook- OJ Mayo: From Westbrook's perspective, he gets a consistent outlet on the perimeter and of slashes and can be the recipient or deliverer of a flash fast break play. Westbrook also can share ball handling duties while roaming and affecting the game in his plethora of ways. Like Rose, I think a dominant post player is essential to the maximizing of his potential..

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