Who or how?

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Who or how?

How or who is going to solve the problem of a starting PG for the Pacers?

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I think we should start Ford

I think we should start Ford until we're able to trade for another starting caliber point guard.

I don't know for sure how long Price is out, but he did a nice job for us last season as a starter. He isn't the long term answer, but he's respectable.

I don't think Stephenson is ready to start just yet. We should start either Ford/Price until Stephenson is ready or O'Brien is sure he can fulfill the role.

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Lance Stephenson will be the

Lance Stephenson will be the guy they should go with if they want to have the best chance to win, but he should be eased into it by around the 10th or 15th game. T.J. Ford is a better PG than Stephenson right now whether O'Brien wants to acknowledge it or not, but Stephenson is going to prove to be more dynamic next year in time.

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Stephenson will be the guy.

Stephenson will be the guy. O'Brien likes him there. It won't be the best option in terms of winning now, but it is the route they appear to be making.

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Re-sign Earl Watson....

Re-sign Earl Watson....

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I honestly thought they would

I honestly thought they would find a way to get Hinrich this summer

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Work out a trade with the

Work out a trade with the T-Wolves? Those guys are stacked at the point: Flynn, Rubio, Ridnour, Telfair.
There's gotta be some obvious minutes problems at the PG spot, try and figure out a trade?

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