Who is the Michael Jordan of Football and Baseball

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Who is the Michael Jordan of Football and Baseball

Football would be Joe Montana. Greatest QB ever and 4-0 in superbowls.
Baseball would be Babe Ruth

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Good question

Baseball and football don't really have a GOAT. It's not like basketball and hockey where 99% of the population will say the same name if you ask who is the greatest (Jordan & Gretzky). With baseball AT LEAST 5 different players could be considered the greatest (Ruth, Ty Cobb, Barry Bonds, Mays, Josh Gibson) and football is even harder to determine because the positions they play are so different from each other. Some say Montana or Unitas for QB, Rice for WR, Jim Brown or Barry Sanders for RB, and that's not even including defense. If I had to choose I would say Ruth (although I'm strongly considering Cobb) for baseball and Jerry Rice for football.

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Baseball is Ruth. Football

Baseball is Ruth. Football could be a large number of guys.

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“I think it’s just wanting to

“I think it’s just wanting to make a big thing before anything has started. It doesn’t matter, we have to win games, we want to make the playoffs. If he scores 20 points a game, I’ll be happy; it’s helping us win.”

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