Who makes the Sophomore JUMP

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Who makes the Sophomore JUMP

Wow, was I wrong about Perry Jones...

Here's an interesting stat for ya: Blake Griffin averaged 14.7 pts and 9 reb his freshman year

Perry Jones : 13.7 pts and 7.2 reb this year

Blake blew up his sophomore year : 22.7 pts and 14.14 reb

with all these big name lottery picks opting out of the draft this year who makes the JUMP (a la blake and derrick williams) next year. I dont think it will be Perry because of Deuce and especially Quincy coming in and needing touches, and him not getting into the rotation for the first 5 games. Harrison's team will be stacked with Henson and Zeller coming back so Idk if he will get the chance to make a leap like that. Sullinger is the closest to his ceiling of these two and much closer than Blake was so I'm doubting it will be him. I would LOVE to see CJ leslie and Selby come back but with the lottery opening up more every day I would predict they might have one foot in the door. CANT WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR

So with that, who yall think makes the biggest improvement next year (it doesnt have to be a freshman this year)?

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With LaceDarius "I won't pass

With LaceDarius "I won't pass the damn ball" Dunn out of the way, Perry Jones would have the opportunity to be the number 1 option on Baylor. Perry Jones was the best player for Baylor this year and yet he's too passive to demand the ball from the ballhog senior Dunn. Without Dunn, Perry Jones better step up and be the man or else he would definitely regret not declaring this year. He got all the talent to be a superstar in the NBA and the biggest weakness is not being assertive enough. If he let Quincy Miller take over, it would simply prove the scout's worry and his stock would definitely drop further.

I am not sure if he made the smart decision of returning given he's probably a top 10 pick in 2011 and may not even make the lottery in the much stronger 2012 draft (if he can't step up). He got the talent, he just got to work harder and get his head right.

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There might

be some top five pick teams that would have passed on him because he hasn't shown he can be a sure-fire star at the college level

If he breaks out next year, he will be one of the best combinations of results and potential in the draft and he might go top 3.

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josh smith of ucla can become

josh smith of ucla can become of the most dominant players in america next year.

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want to see how C.Joseph does

want to see how C.Joseph does next year at Texas, didnt turn over the ball but couldnt finish his 2s w/ efficiency, 3PT% was good.

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