Who Leads the 76ers? (Shoutout to Scare Crow)

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Who Leads the 76ers? (Shoutout to Scare Crow)

Since the resignation of head coach Doug Collins, trading Jrue Holiday for Nerlens Noel and draft MCW , the 76ers have established a rebuilding process. The roster is relatively young with very few true veterans (Jason Richardson, Kwame Brown each have 10+ years under their belts). So my question is who steps up to become a leader?

My guess who have to be Evan Turner. Entering his 4th season, ET has had some rough patches: lack of a solid perimeter game, an undefined position and a coach that was tough on him (which I believed helped his development). Now that Jrue was gone, maybe he can play the position he was comfortable in at Ohio State, right? Well when the Sixers drafted MCW, the 6-7 Syracuse PG,it didn't seem so.

As I watched the preseason game earlier, Turner had many positives. He was aggressive by driving in the paint and went to the line for 10-12 shooting, he waited for players to spot up and set them for open shots, his jumper look more refined and he rebounded well as always.

Now I know the intangibles (being vocal, setting the example in practice, relationship with coaching staff, etc.) are important factors to being a great leader, but if Evan Turner continues to improve on his game whether or not he has a defined position shows he's in the right direction.


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Thad Young He has been there

Thad Young

He has been there since 2007. He has a lengthy contract so its more than likely he's going to be staying put. Last year he led the team in minutes. He is also a hard working guy which is what you need in a leader

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Their forwards

Thad Young and ET are the key players for this team and probably the only guys that are going to keep them from losing more than 65 games this season. This is also a contract year for Turner so it's going to be interesting to see how he plays this one out in hopes of getting a huge contract somewhere.

I think they'll start MCW, JRich, Turner, Young, and Hawes and when Noel gets healthy, they'll move everyone down a spot and take out Richardson.

Overall though, they only have two guys that can have an impact on this team.

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Thad, Hawes and Turner are

Thad, Hawes and Turner are the unquestioned leaders. Thads always been a great natural leader but Turner is the biggest mouth on the team and when combine his skill level with his overal production then you understand what he brings to the.table.

Even tho this is Turners 4th year.its the.first time as that hes truly in a position to succeed. Turner always puts numbers up its just that his scoring is inconsistent and thats mainly because of his shot amd lack of getting to the foul line. Collins didnt want Turner takin many 3s and wanted him in the mid range. Brett Brown is about 3s and layups so expect a surprise breakout.

Turner has workes relentlessly on his shot and athleticism since being drafted and if he starts hittin 3s at a cconsistent clip it opens up his great dribble drive game.

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Definitely Royce White.

Definitely Royce White.

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