Who is it going to be?

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Who is it going to be?

So watching this season I've noticed a few guys who appear to be truly figuring out what they are about as players, coincidently the ones I was looking at are all 25 years old.

I have a few questions:

#1: Which SG would you take - Victor Oladipo, Evan Fournier or Jeremy Lamb?

#2: Which Forward would you take - Harrison Barnes or Tobias Harris?

#3: Which one out of the 5 do you think has the most career success?

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I'd take Oladipo and

I'd take Oladipo and Barnes.

Long term I feel that Barnes may just have the best career, you could say he has already had the most successful career so far as he has a title.

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#1 - Oladipo. I just feel

#1 - Oladipo. I just feel that he has more versatility than the other two.

#2 - Harris. He came into the league at a young age and was bounced around and traded all over the place. He now has a coach that believes in him and trusts him to play his game. He has expanded his game this year and is playing quite efficiently, shooting over 50% from 3 so far. Barnes has never been all that efficient, even when playing on a great team or as a top option on a bad team. And Hitster, he wasn't all that responsible for those titles. Warriors probably win without him in there. Just because he has a title, doesn't mean much. Do you say Darko was better than Karl Malone because he has a title? Both still have untapped potential, but I'm going with Harris.

Long term, I'd say Oladipo will have the best career mainly due to his offensive and defensive versatility.

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Tough call between Oladipo

Tough call between Oladipo and Fournier, but Oladipo is the better defender so I'll take him.

Harris over Barnes because Harris is still getting better while Barnes seems to have peaked.

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Oladipo - his two way player right now but lamb have a long wingspan, but he's not using it right now on defense

Harris - right now it's harris, just because of his productivity anywhere he goes, he can score and can be a matchup night mare, branes first step is ugly, coming out of college he cannot stil explode off his first step when he has the ball in his hands although he is very athletic.

Future I think Oldaipo with his two way upside, barnes and all the others right now i don't think they can make huge improvements but oladipo I think if he improved on his creating skills and other things he could be a top ten sg with the tolls he had

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