Who has a negative PER so far?

According to John Hollinger's PER (player efficiency ratings) Here is a list of guys who have sucked beyond measure so far

Peyton Siva (-6) DET, 2 games played

Tornike Shengelia (-4.4) BKN, 4 games played

Jannero Pargo (-18.5) CHA, 2 games played

Mike James (-7.7) CHI, 4 games played

Erik Murphy (-11.1) CHI, 6 games played

Marquis Teague (-6.9) CHI, 7 games played

Carrick Felix (-3) CLE, 2 games played

Bernard James (-0.5) DAL, 6 games played

Ricky Ledo (-3.4) DAL, 6 games played

Nemanja Nedovic (-2.2) GS, 12 games played

Dewayne Dedmon (-6) GS, 3 games played

Ognjen Kuzmic (-8.8) GS, 10 games played

Nick Calathes (-0.4) MEM, 8 games played

Shabazz Muhammad (-9.6) MIN, 4 games played

Ryan Gomes (-3.7) OKC, 3 games played

Tobias Harris (-0.6) ORL, 1 game played

Doron Lamb (-0.7) ORL, 4 games played

Slava Kravtsov (-1.6) PHO, 5 games played

Will Barton (-2) POR, 5 games played

Earl Watson (-3.7) POR, 2 games played

Allen Crabbe (-11.7) POR, 4 games played

Victor Claver (-13.6) POR, 3 games played

Austin Daye (-2.1) TOR, 4 games played

Read into this what you will...Some guys you obviously have to give more time to (Tobias Harris) but with others (Nedovic) it's rather clear that some aren't capable of producing right now at the NBA level

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Tobias Harris is probably the

Tobias Harris is probably the only one who will significantly raise his PER to an above average level.

On a side note. I looked up the top PER performers so far this year. Although the normal top guys like Lebron, CP3, Durant etc are all up in the top ten., I noticed some more interesting guys:

Brook Lopez (ranked 3) 27.92

Isaiah Thomas (11) 23.12

Tiago Splitter (18) 21.99

Michael Beasley (21) 21.55

Jordan Hill (22) 21.47

I know it's only early going but its quite interesting to see that Hollinger's system ranks these guys pretty highly.

BroLo's is really high. He was killing it until he got injured.

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To be fair Lopez is not an

To be fair Lopez is not an aberration. He's just a highly efficient offensive player who doesn't get as much playing time as most of the top big men in the league (his per 36 minute statistics are usually very impressive). It might surprise you to learn that last season his PER of 24.7 was fifth best in the league behind only LBJ, Durant, CP3 and Melo.

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PER means almost nothing when

PER means almost nothing when it's based on very small samples. A super hot shooting streak, especially for a player who's not playing many minutes (and plays many of them in garbage time) translates in a very high PER, while a shooting slump with low percentages gives you a negative PER. Many of the players on the first list are (for different reasons) garbage time players who haven't played many minutes. It just takes a couple of missed shots or a turnover to have a negative PER. I wouldn't pay much attention to PER numbers in order to say if they belong or not.

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Mike James (-7.7) CHI, 4

Mike James (-7.7) CHI, 4 games played

Erik Murphy (-11.1) CHI, 6 games played

Marquis Teague (-6.9) CHI, 7 games played

C'mon Bulls! Get these guys more minutes! Jabari Parker! Andrew Wiggins!

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I didn't even know you could

I didn't even know you could have a negative PER. I thought it just went down to zero lol

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I see a couple lottery picks

I see a couple lottery picks in there...sigh.

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