Who has the greater chance at a 5th ring? Shaq, Duncan or Kobe

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Who has the greater chance at a 5th ring? Shaq, Duncan or Kobe

Shaq will be a year older next year and who knows if he can stay healthy in Cleveland and i really dont think RJ makes the spurs the front runner in the west but if they get Rasheed in free agency thats a different story but until that plays out ima have to go with Kobe and the REPEAT

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Right now....

As of today, Kobe has the best shot. If San Antonio signs Sheed like I believe they might, than I would give it to Timmy. But, as he is my favorite player of all-time, playing with my favorite player today, I of course will be rooting hard for Shaq daddy to take home ring #5. If they get a legit PF, or someone with strength and length to compliment LeBron, plus make sure they have a little depth on the bench, than they have a shot to do it. That is a VERY big if though, and it is not looking to likely unfortunately :(

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lot of road ahead

Ask again in a couple months once the rosters are mostly set.

And of course, injuries will come into play at some point most likely. At this point, I agree it's the Lakers, but CLE, BOS, ORL & SA are all gearing up, with other teams like POR, HOU & DEN looking to move up to that top tier as well, so it should be interesting.

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Shaq. Lebron can nearly win

Shaq. Lebron can nearly win one alone. Imagine how good they will be with Shaq and another free agent.

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Kobe. Defending champs get

Kobe. Defending champs get Artest. How well Shaq mixes with James remains to be seen. Likely feast or famine, no in between, so odds have to be with Kobe. Jefferson and Blair will make Spurs a much better team, but age and injuries still are concerns. Bench still could use another body or 2.

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hard 2 say

i think the spurs are a big man away even tho they will be serious contenders. i believe lebron and shaq could work but its gonna be give and take. the inly way i see it working is if when shaq is in the run the offense thru him and when shaq is out bron takes over. idk how well bron will be driving with shaq clogging the lane. the lakers are still my fav becuz of the artest upgrade over ariza.

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5TH Ring

Kobe Bean has the best chance at 5,spurs are at best are the second best team in the west.Cavs still have no answers for Rashard Lewis everyone thinks that Dwight Howard destroyed Cleveland he only had one standout game in that series and it was the last game no one can guard Lewis on Cleveland if Lebron plays him who plays Carter.They have to get tweener foward that can play great defense against wing player,until then go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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