Who has the best body structure in the NBA? , Present and All-Time

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Who has the best body structure in the NBA? , Present and All-Time


1.Dwight Howard - big, broad, athletic. Using his wide and muscular frame to overpower opponents, He's shoulders looks like their pooping out.

2. Lebron James - the most athletic player in the NBA, a very muscular 250 pound frame, dunks with a lot of power and uses his body well.

3. Ben Wallace - used to be the iron man of the NBA, uses his body in a lot of good ways, blocking shots, rebounding, drawing charges, may be the best all-time undersized defender in the NBA.

4. Andre Igoudala - a superb athlete, ripped and very toned, looks like he's all muscle, and no fat.

5. Ben Gordon - super big frame for a 6'2 guy, very strong and powerful.

6. Ron Artest - the NBA's bad boy has a very hulking frame, big arms and shoulders

7. Derek Fisher- one of the strongest point guards in the league totally ripped, huge arms and is very compact like a Ben Gordon frame.

8. Corey Maggette - a very wide athlete with compact frame, very defined muscle tone.

9. Dwyane Wade - athletic wing, very explosive and strong.

10. Shaquille O'Neal - extremely humongous athlete, had a very athletic frame back in Orlando, but gained the muscle in LA. The most powerful player of all-time.

My Pick: Dwight Howard

All Time:

1. David Robinson - very ripped not that big, but totally ripped and toned, a very conditioned athlete.

2. Alonzo Mourning - one of the best defensive players of all-time, a great shot-blocker. Called "The Hulk" by Shaq.

3. Karl Malone - may be the best conditioned athlete of all-time, and the best body of all-time.

4. Michael Jordan - the guy who set the trend for a lot of shooting guards in the league, very strong player able to absorb contact in the air.

5. Charles Barkley - at 6'4 he was undersized to play the 4, but with his strong body and will. he became a hall of famer.

6. Chris Webber - very strong athlete with a great frame.

My Pick: Karl Malone

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My man

ANDRE IGUODALA IS A WORKOUT WARRIOR! And a pretty fantastic ball player too. Also, Kobe deserves a spot on this list. I think his strength is a huge factor in why he's the best player in the world. He absorbs contact very well and draws alot of and 1's. He also hardly ever falls to the floor after contact

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T-Will could already make

T-Will could already make this list.

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Lebron is the best present player for body type, he is bigger than 250 more like 260, and he only began lifting in the past 2 years, or something like that. His body, and athletic gifts are off the charts 260 with his speed, quickness, athleticism, and strength can not compare to any one else.

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IMO, Karl Malone

He was ripped. Dude was a beast, and one of the best in his days, Pre Lakers of course

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Lebron, and Blake Griffin are very strong with hops, but abnormally fast for their size and weight.

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i really like

deron williams body as a point guard. he's got a bit of the fatboy goin on but yet he has enough body and strength and suprisingly quick enough to destroy any and all point guards. he is a matchup nightmare for anyone who guards him. lebron has a nice body type as well. and 4 sum reason i really like lamar odoms body. 6 11 with long arms and has general quickness to beat the 4's in the league and can also dominate the 3's with his length. Odom should be a top talent in the league. work ethic may have sumthing 2 do with it.

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the candy? LOL

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Best Bodies

No homo...

This Draft: Blake Griffen
Present: Lebron James
All Time: Karl Malone


PG: Deron Williams
SG: Corey Maggette
SF: LeBron James
PF: Amare Stodemire
C: Dwight Howard

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No Love for Joe Wolf? i

No Love for Joe Wolf? i factor in haircut with body also

But really Wilt, dude was 7 foot tall and after a few years in the league he when he filled out he was 270ish strong and he high jumped 7 foot in college back when they did the scissor kick and didn't lose that explosiveness when he filled out, Present is D Howard he's got the same tools and shoulders so broad his head looks small

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