Who gonna make the mistake of TINY GALLON? and leave school TOO early?

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Who gonna make the mistake of TINY GALLON? and leave school TOO early?

i would say jekins from vandy the guy can shoot lights out but i think staying for his senoir year would do him justice. also waynes from NOVA. this guy wante to go last yr but had no chance simply does not want to stay in school. Wants money so he be overseas.

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Trey Burke

Trey Burke

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Trey Burke and Moe Harkless

Trey Burke and Moe Harkless

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I saw on ESPN that BJ Young

I saw on ESPN that BJ Young is leaning toward entering the draft which would be a huge mistake because he will probably have a good season to cement himself as a 1st rounder next year.

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Tiny Gallon was a borderline

Tiny Gallon was a borderline NBA Player anyway..Some People labeled him a lottery pick,based onwhat he did in high school and the hype that followed him....He could've stayed until his senior year and still wouldnt been developed....

1.Will Barton-Barton is 1 of my favorite players.I love how he always gave it his all..In December he was playing so well,i felt he could be a lottery pick ..But i heard an Orlando Magic scout break apart game..The scout mentioned his weaknesses and pluses, the weakness outnumbered the pluses...He already said he's leaving but he has too many holes in his game..That same scout said he's a mid 2nd round to undrafted player.....Scouts have been wrong before...

2.Renardo Sidney..At the start of the season i think i was 1 of a few that thought he'll be improved this season,he did manage to stay out of trouble..But he gained more weight and didnt bother to play defense..He would rather foul then move his feet...He's here in Orlando this weekend,he told reporters he's working out preparing himself for the draft...

3.Rodney Hood-I think he can be a top 10 pick next year,i love his all around offensive game..He should stick around another year....

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Jenkins? That's a horrible

Jenkins? That's a horrible pick. He's a junior and would be a first round pick. Tiny Gallon was a freshmen and was barely a 2nd round pick.

I think the next guy to make the Tiny Gallon mistake is Myck Kabongo. He'll get drafted, but should stay. Anyone who gets drafted in the 2nd round should stay.

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What about

Tony Wroten, Marquise Teague, and Fab Melo come to mind...

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