Who goes #1 if the CBA lets HS players declare again, Andre Drummond or Shabazz Muhammad?

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Who goes #1 if the CBA lets HS players declare again, Andre Drummond or Shabazz Muhammad?

If the CBA rules change to allow high school seniors to declare does Shabazz dump Drummond from the #1 spot?

I think Drummond's sheer size makes him hard to pass up on even though I think Muhammad has more talent. Unless you've got a Dwight Howard it's pretty hard to pass on a center prospect with Drummond's potential.

Shabazz could be a beast on the wing though, and I can't help but imagine how good the Bulls would be if they could somehow find a way to add him.

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Drummond would go #1 just off

Drummond would go #1 just off potential. There aren't many dominant centers left in todays NBA, and everybody is trying to find the next great big man.

Shabazz is probably the safer pick, but if Drummond reaches his full potential, he will be better than Shabazz.

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Oden ahead of Durant Bowie

Oden ahead of Durant
Bowie ahead of Jordan
Webber ahead of Hardaway

History shows almost always, elite big man prospects goes ahead of elite wing prospects.

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I would deffiantly take

I would deffiantly take Drummond .Shabazz just seems like hes only a dunker and he is out of control when dribbling and not that good of a shooter

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Any GM would be fire

Any GM would be fire instaneously for picking Shabazz over Drummond.

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Times are changing, i think

Times are changing, i think GMs and scouts are realizing that guards are the safer prospect

Prior to Rose, there was only like 3 guards taken #1 overall, since then, its been 3 in 4 years...


For this particular situation, im taking Drummond over Muhammad, but I dont think a GM should be burned for considering it the other way around..

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Shabazz scores a lot and is

Shabazz scores a lot and is obviously not only a dunker because he scores 25+ consistently. I would take Shabazz because he can score at will.

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Teams always seem to take a

Teams always seem to take a chance on an elite center talent over an elite wing talent; but that also means that teams can find elite wings later on in the draft. Teams with that #1 pick can roll the dice on a center because they probably think that they can find a cornerstone wing with a top 5 or a top 10 selection in a later draft.

If a team has the #1 pick and a chance to take an elite center you can't pass that up. History has shown us that dominant centers must be #1 picks or very close to it. ESPN did a a list of the top 10 centers of all time four years ago, this is a reproduction of that list and also includes the best center of today (Dwight) along with their draft selections.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar #1

Wilt: (territorial selection but probably would have gone #1 we will leave him out for purposes of this discussion)

Russell #2

Shaq #1

Hakeem #1

Moses Malone (not drafted, so we'll leave him out as well)

David Robinson #1

Bill Walton #1

George Mikan (pre draft)

Patrick Ewing #1

Dwight Howard #1

So out of 8 legible centers for the draft, 7 were taken 1st overall while one of them was taken 2nd.

Other very good centers like Walt Bellamy, Yao Ming and Bob Lanier went #1 as well. Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutombo, and Wes Unseld went #2. Dave Cowens went #4. And Robert Parish and Willis Reed were the biggest center steals ever lasting all the way to the eighth pick of the draft

Now lets see ESPN's listing of the best shooting guards of all time, plus the best SG in the league today who isn't on that list (Dwyane Wade).

MJ #3

Kobe Bryant #13

Jerry West #2

George Gervin #40

Allen Iverson #1

Clyde Drexler #14

Reggie Miller #11

Pete Maravich #3

Earl Monroe #2

Joe Dumars #18

Dwyane Wade #5

So out of 11 shooting guards, only 1 was drafted 1st overall and 5 were drafted in the top 3. Five of them were drafted outside of the top 10! Other very good SGs like Ray Allen (#5), Tracy McGrady (#9), Sidney Moncrief (#5), Vince Carter (#5), Bill Sharman (#17), Sam Jones (#8), Dave Bing (#2) and Mitch Richmond (#5) lasted past the top slot as well.

So what does all this information mean, at least to me anyway? It means that if you want a HOF center you had better be willing to spend a 1st overall or at the very least a 2nd overall pick on one. If you want a HOF shooting guard (and this also applies to small forwards) you can find one outside of the top 3 picks in a draft. So when the lottery gods grace a team with that magical first pick overall and there is an elite center on their board you can bet that they will take him over a wing.

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Who would be picked 2nd

Who would be picked 2nd Shabazz or Davis? I'm pretty sure Drummond will go 1st.

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