Who falls to #5

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Who falls to #5

How things are starting to shape up more and more it looks as if the Kings will take another big, but the question is who do they go with if both Drummond and Robinson are both on the board come the 5th selection.

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I believe they take Robinson.

I believe they take Robinson. He can produce right away and eventually replace Jason Thompson since I read where the kings will not offer him an extension. I just feel he is the better fit. Plus the kings already took a project big man in Hassan Whiteside and that hasn't gone well so far. I don't see why they would try again with Drummond

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I think they take Robinson.

I think they take Robinson. Drummond is nice, but Robinson is ready now.

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they will take robinson in that spot if he is still available

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Robinson will be gone. Drummond and Cousins in the front court together would be entertaining and possible nightmare matchup with their size and athleticism. Boogie will put up 20 and 10 and Drummond can play D while learning the league. Kinda scary to have both of them and Hassan Whiteside on the same team. A lot of bust potential. Despite the fact that Cousins was killing last year he could still go off the deep end, which I don't think he will. They should also move Tyreke Evans.

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MKG, Robinson, Barnes or Beal

One of those players will be their pick.

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Kings preference

I believe this is the Kings order of preference: MKG, Robinson, Barnes and Drummond. I'm sure they like Beal, but he's not going to be their pick when one of those other 4 will be available. It's looking more & more like MKG might slide to them, which would be a gift for the Kings.

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I think it depends on things we dont know

... like who they are talking about moving tyreke for? Also who is moving up to #2 If someone goes to #2 then drummond will be off the board and they will take Robinson. If no one takes #2 then robinson will prob be gone and they can choose b/t drummond or MKG... If they have a trade for Tyreke then they will prob take MKG and grab a big later, but who knows what deal they have in place, they could also take drummond. I think their board looks like 1. Robinson

2. MKG

3. Drummond (maybe flip that w/2 depending on what deals they are working on)

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