Who to draft

So far at the moment the Bucks have the 10th pick. Who are some players the Bucks should try and draft? I personally think they should upgrade at pf. they so far are shown to take Marcus Morris which i think is a solid choice. I have a crazy trade idea although what if the Bucks trade there 10th pick and Corey Maggette to the Los Angeles Lakers for Pau Gasol. If this was done I wonder how this would look Bogut, Gasol, Salmons, Redd, Jennings. If not this trade who do the Bucks draft? What to you are there biggest needs?

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I would actually love to see

I would actually love to see how Gasol would go alongside Bogut and Jennings, would certainly put that team back in the playoff picture, but they'd have to give up a lot of their young talent to do so.

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Trade up for Motie. If not Burks, Thomspon, or Marcus Morris

Gasol isn't going to the Bucks, unless the Bucks want to trade Jennings but I doubt the bucks would be willing to give him up. If you really want Gasol then you might try trading up to draft Motiejunas. He may not be Gasol yet but if he reaches his full potential then he and Bogut could be quite a combo down low. A move like this would not surprise me either because remember in 2007 the Bucks drafted Yi who had that same kind of potential. Of course that did not work out, but their intentions were good, the Bucks very well could try again now that they have another shot at a player like that. Obviously Motiejunas would never be avaiable at 10 because this is such a weak draft; so because of his immense offensive ability talent a team in the top 5 will most likely take advantage of him. But the Bucks would be the perfect team for him, imo so I wouldn't be surprised if the Bucks tried to trade up to get him.

But if the Bucks decide not to trade up to get Motie, then still an upgrade at the 4 would be a need to me, as well as filling their need at the 2 since Redd is obviously not coming back to form and they probably won't even keep him. Alec Burks could fit there but he is not a great outside shooter while Redd was a wonderful outside shooter, but his slashing and athletic might just be too much to pass up on. Other prospects that look appetizing to the Bucks are Marcus Morris and Tristan Thompson. Thompson is a little small and plays a lot like Paul Millsap but that defense and passion is just how the Bucks like to play so he would fit very well with them. Marcus Morris seems more of offensive guy, but he plays with enough defense and heart that he would look pretty good in a Bucks uniform.

So possible Bucks picks are a trade for Motie, if not Alec Burks, Tristan Thompson, or Marcus Morris

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I think Marcus Morris is a

I think Marcus Morris is a great compliment to Bogut, he's lean and athletic with a knack for scoring the rock...but they need some youth at the 2 spot

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i really dont like this draft.

Im going to do this based off of the fact that the last three years the bucks have picked who i wanted them too in the second round and this year i think we will get that athletic 2 in the second round by selecting lacdarius dunn out of baylor. hes a terrific scorer who knows has the know how to play in the nba.

As for our first round pick if we keep our 10th pick and dont trade up i agree maybe one of the marcus brothers but i really like at the 4 position kenneth faried the kid rebounds like rodman and would be a perfect defense team with mbah a moute. Id say we could trade up for a big but if we have to sacrafice maggette to do it than its not worth it cause than we will have no offensive production out of the 3 spot. Maybe we could trade down to like 15 or 16 get a decent back up 4 get faried and use this new money from finally dumping redds huge contract and get a david west. Or if the team does trade up than thatll make me think we are either keeping redd(or using him in a trade) or that we have a really good chance at pulling jamal crawford.

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Who to Draft
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marshon or moti

you gotta go with motiejunas or brooks, the two can flat out score. I like moti because of he seems like a great compliment to bogut, and looked about 235-240 in his workout video, so he has put on size. I think he is similar to bargnani which is ideal because we just need sanders to come in for a bit to play solid d because he never will be a starter. I like brooks more than burks because i think burks is overatted. The big 12 has some of the worst defensive teams and stats are greatly inflated in that conference. Plus dude doesnt have a three point game, and looks more like a pg than a sg to me. I say brooks at ten, and i dont care if it looks like a reach, scouts havnt looked at this guy and in game footage, and in his workouts (the way you know you have a good player, for those who fell in love with joe alexander, you need a continuous amount of gamefilm, not just workouts), also he has a great attitude. He has an in your face attitude, but its not a character concern because the bucks need more verbal people in the locker room. For those who think that he is a kobe type, he is a bit, but i see him more of a josh howard solid rebounder, good defender, and scorer type. He would fit in perfectly because it helps in halfcourt and fast break offenses, plus the guy just looks like a good player, some would say an "it" factor

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