Who to draft

Who should this team draft? If they land a top 3 here are my choices.

1) Derrick Williams- SF is one of this teams biggest needs and I think Williams would be awesome here

2) Enes Kanter- he's a pf/center. He could play at center alongside David Lee or maybe come off the bench at first. Center or SF is this teams biggest needs.

3) Harrison Barnes- I think he should only be taken if they can't get Williams or Kanter.

Why not Irving because already have Curry and Ellis. Now if don't land a top 3 to 5 here are some players to take.

Perry Jones- would provide some size at 6'11" and maybe some more scoring. Could try and be used as a bench player.

Terrence Jones- this guy on kentucky plays some good defense. Not sure how it will turn out in the pros but could be a solid choice and maybe provide some more defense.

Who do you think GSW should pick?

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GSW has a 0.8% chance of

GSW has a 0.8% chance of winning the lottery and not much better of a chance to get a top 3 pick. This is a very unrealistic situation but if it did happen i would go with Derrik Williams as long as he could play sf. He rebounds good for a sf and one of the warriors weaknesses is getting rebounds. Hes also a beast and would help all across the board.

I dont know much about kanter so cant say i would take him. I would definitely look at Barnes though if i were the warriors. Hes got great upside and i think he could fit right in with their style of play.

I can see gsw getting terrence jones to play sf with the 9th, 10th or whatever pick they probably end up getting.

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he's right

Yeah are chances of getting a top 5 lottery pick are real slim. I hate where we might be picking but I'd take either K Leonard outta San Diego ( for rebounding and guarding athletic guards & small fowards) or I'd take that Majuenusa??? (dont know how to spell his name) and hope he developes into Dirk/Bargnani.

Im not feeling Terrence Jones for some reason, he didn't look that good to me in the tourney but he's only a freshman.

Wish we could get Kanter though

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