Who is DPOY ?

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Who is DPOY ?

I don't know if it's me but nobody really stands out this year for this award, it hasn't been talked alot, so let's do this right here right now.. Who ya got ?

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It may be the consolation prize for the MVP ( which I think will go to Harden) but if Davis continues the tear he's been on I think he's got DMVP locked down.

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AD is a good choice base on

AD is a good choice base on stats but the Pelicans are 29th in OPPG so I don`t think he should win it. Honestly, Andre Roberson would win it if he wasn`t injured. My pick though would be Paul George then.

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I would go with Anthony Davis

I would go with Anthony Davis right now although if Detroit makes playoffs my pick is Andre Drummond.

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I'd throw Al Horford into the

I'd throw Al Horford into the mix as he's been defensive anchor for the Celtics and they have one of the very best defensive records in the NBA. The Raptors have also built their success on a good defence so could one of their guys be an outsider or at least in the mix for all NBA defensive nods.

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Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid

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The guy just changes the game when he is on the floor. And it sure aint is pittiful offense.

Marcus Smart DPOY

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Well if you look at this -- players listed by defensive win shares on basketball -- the answer is Andre Drummond and there's really no discussion.

But I think it should go to a player on a good defensive team and a contender, so I would give my vote to Horford.

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Joel Embiid is hands down my DPOY

Consider this that Phila team was only a 28 win team a year ago & a 10 win team 2 years ago & they actually had Better Defenders & athelticism off the bench

Jeremy Grant & Nerlens Noel are excellent defensive players & Phila lost both of them in trades - that Phila team has TJ McConnell, Jerryd Bayless, Marco Bellineli, Esran Ilyasova & JJ Reddick playing Major minutes & their back up Center is a very old Amir Johnson

If you look at the analytics when Embiid goes off the floor that Phila team is basically the same 10 win team it was 2 years ago

When Embiid is on the floor they project as a 50+ win squad - that is Insane! & trust me when you watch them play the Eyeball test matches what the analytics prove - Phila's paint looks like a run way to the rim b/c their guards can Not defend anyone

When Embiid is in the game almost No one even attempts to attack the rim - his balance, quickness, lateral movement & recovery ability in Help Def is simply Remarkable

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Paul George for me. He's lead

Paul George for me. He's lead the league in steals and deflections all season and OKC's defense is the reason they are even in the Playoff picture with how lowsy their offense started, which has since got better.

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If Gobert didn't get injured

If Gobert didn't get injured mid-season, it'd be him without a doubt. Nobody would even come close.

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exactly, it's a pitty he's

exactly, it's a pitty he's missed 26 games because like you say, Gobert is by far the best defender and the player who most impacts the game with his defense in the league.

overall the Jazz are the 4th best defense in the league but since his return, the Jazz are the Nº1 defense and their record is 17-4.

still because of his clear superiority over the rest, if he doesn't miss more games and the Jazz make the playoffs, he might still get the award.

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True, but same could be said

True, but same could be said for Kawhi, if he wasn't injured it probably would have been his to lose.

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Surprise KD name hasn't

Surprise KD name hasn't thrown around...

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to be honst I‘m also

to be honst I‘m also surprised he wasn’t mentioned and I think he should be in the conversation. He has shown a lot more effort on this side of the court this year and I would pick him above Draymond.

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I know he’s unlikely to win,

I know he’s unlikely to win, but I feel like josh Richardson at least deserves some acknowledgement in this category for the season he’s had.

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With Draymond Green not playing like a donkey in the regular season since Bell has assumed that role along with other reserves and Kawhi Leonard injured Rudy Gobert is the best defensive player in the league and his return has brought Utah back into the playoff picture. If they make it he would get my vote.

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Embiid is the most dominant

Embiid is the most dominant defender in the game right now.

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