Who does Lebron really need? A Pippen or a Phil Jackson?

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Who does Lebron really need? A Pippen or a Phil Jackson?

I believe this is the first Lebron topic I ever posted on this site. Anyway we all know Lebron doesn't have a legit 2nd player that can help him but he also doesn't have a head coach. (Sorry Mike Brown you're more of an assistant) In my opinion if Lebron had a legit coach then he would probably get farther than semifinals.

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Matter of fact, I think he's gonna need a Jordan or Kobe.

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No he needs a Rondo type PG

No he needs a Rondo type PG or a Gasol big in the post.

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Reading the title of the

Reading the title of the thread, I think Lebron needs a "Jordan" type sidekick, not a "Pippen". Because Lebron plays more like Pippen rather than Jordan. Maybe he can team up with a great scorer like Dwayne Wade and reel off 6 championships together.

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so your saying lebron, the mvp of the league for 2 years in a row? needs a bigger star and has to be the 2nd option

yeah you know your basketball real well.....

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Maybe LeBron needs a Kareem

Maybe LeBron needs a Kareem Abdul Jabbar, or for contemporaries, a Pau Gasol or a Chris Bosh. Lebron needs a player he can consistently pass to and that player will get buckets, preferably a post player that he can pick and roll, or pick and pop, or give and go, or play inside outside. As for back court players, he needs a Rip Hamilton-Ray Allen type. Someone who is constantly moving off the ball and is a deadly catch and shoot player. Give lebron a choice between a team that wants him to put up 30-7-7 or a team that wants him to put up 24-7-11, and I think he'd choose the second scenario everytime.

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I agree with Mkadoza

He needs a wing that can score the ball in clutch situations sometime and take pressure of him to get
the ball and ram it to the rim. The guy has to be like a Ray Allen in his prime a deadly shooter that can create
his own shot. Remember Lebron is a guy that make plays, that is forced to be a scorer. He doesn't have that take
over mentality right now. He can play with Wade because he needs the ball in his hands, Lebron is properly the most complicated player right now. In a big man he needs one that can screen and roll and or pop well.
He needs a guy that doesn't clog the middle because that where he is going most of the time when he attacks .
It's hard for him to have a pg that makes plays and can not shoot because that is what he does.
He needs a pg that can play great D and hit open shoots and let him run the O.

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Lebron needs...

I love Lebrons game. Freak athlete, potent scorer, intimidating defender, tenacious rebounder, wizard of a passer. He is 6'8, 260 lbs. and runs the floor like a gazelle and is a much more athletic modern day "Magic". He has the potential, i repeat POTENTIAL to become the games greatest ever. However that would be really tough to do because he would have to win several titles. He currently has 0.

What separates him and Michael is when the Bulls were down he carried the team on his back. He took over the game instead of acting passive. He is one of the greatest competitors and winners in all of sports history. The Games greatest player ever, period.

Sidekick Issue: Mo Williams ain't gonna cut it. I don't believe he's a perennial all-star. Shaq past his prime ain't gonna cut it. Antwan Jamison is the closest thing since Boozer left town but he hasn't been in all-star form for 2 years and everybody's level of play has dipped when they team up with Lebron. I think he does need a legit (current) all-star level player.


Coach Issue: Lebron needs a great coach. Mike Brown is too passive. Great defensive coach, far too average, boring, unimaginative offensive coach. Lebron needs a great motivator, innovator, x's and o's, best when the game is on the line coach. Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, Rick Adelman, Larry Brown, are a different mold than Stan Van Gundy and Donnie Nelson. All of those coaches are "winners" but the first group wins championships, the second set just wins. There's a difference.

Lebron needs a great coach more than a great sidekick. This will also help Lebrons legacy if he can win as of course the "main" guy, but with also a group of role players with no "stars".

Lebron will get his (a title) most definitely, but how many? What's the formula? He needs a coach who can coach superstars and win titles. It would be awesome if Phil Jackson or Pat Riley could coach him. Great coaches make a difference, too.

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He needs Derrick Rose and

He needs Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah along with a good coach....possibly Byron Scott. Or hometown guy Doc Rivers...but i dont see him leaving.

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he needs a phil and another

he needs a phil and another star. someone more like jordan because lebron is more like a magic/pippen..hes too unselfish

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the right PG will help but

the right PG will help but the post up player is more important.

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a coach

lebron def needs a phil or sum kind of coach that actually has a system or offfensive gameplan. lebron has basically been playing pick and roll all his career. i think if he played more off the ball he could be a much better and efficient player. he also needs a coach that knows when adn when not to do things. a coach that doesnt care that he is lebron james and 1 of themost famous players in the league and a coach that will tell him wat to do instead of vice versa. with that he also needs a coach that will tell lebron okay take over. phil is th eonly coach out there i see that can help james. rivers adn sloan i also like.

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Lebron needs consistent

Lebron needs consistent shooters that he can kick the ball out to. Put Lebron with Ray Allen and Danilo Gallinari and watch out.

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