Who does Cleveland take with there two picks

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Who does Cleveland take with there two picks

Cleveland is projected right now at 2 and 8. Let's say they get the 2nd and 8th pick who does Cleveland take and why? If Irving is taken then the Cavs take williams with there 1st pick. The second pick has me a bit baffled because of having three point guards already, Gibson, Sessions and B-Davis. I'm leaning towards Alec Burks because he can play the point or shooting guard. So who's your choices?

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with the second pick this guy

with the second pick this guy and with the 8th pick this guy

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if we assume they end up with

if we assume they end up with the 2nd end 8th pick i guess the 2nd pick is a lock for irving or if he is gone i would pick williams. at 8 i would not go for burks cause they already have a lot of guards! i would go with kanter or if he is gone probably vesley or terrence jones...

to bad for them that perry jones, sullinger and barnes all wont be in the draft. they wont be able to improve their team much and problably will be in the race for the number one pick again...

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Again? I could have sworn we

Again? I could have sworn we seen this thread atleast 3x before this.

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It should be Best Players

It should be Best Players Available for Cleveland this year. I think Williams, Irving and Kanter are the three guys they would look at in the top 3. I definitely think Irving will be the better pro than Willliams or Kanter but they would somehow have to get rid of Baron to make that work for the immediate future. I think they would go Williams if he was there however. They need somebody on the wing and I think he'll be a SF to start his career.

If Williams is their first pick I think theyll go with Kemba if hes still there 8. Hed be the flashy pick to add some excitement to that franchise. If they go Irving first, Terrence Jones would probably be the best wing on the board and hell be a better pro player than college player.

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I think Cleveland might be in a pickle if they get 2nd and 8th.. With second I'm guessing Irving will be gone so Cleveland would pick up Derrick Williams to play small forward. Now with the 8th, there will be a bunch of forwards, but the Cavs won't need any of them because they will have Williams and Hickson. At Center they have Varejao, Hollins, and Erden but both Kanter and Jonas won't be needed nor will they be there at the 8th, I think. Shooting guard is a big hole but Burks is the only guy worth taking that high and he will likely be gone to, I think. They have many point guards like Baron, Sessions, and Gibson. Thats a lot of point guards but point guard is the most viable option there with Kemba.. I think this could be a mess of a pick..

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im rottin for the cavs to rebulid

even wiht the pg they have if irvings there when they pick i take him imo hes gonna be a franchise pg wouldnt be mad at the kanter pick either hed immedialtly be better then any c they have wiht the 8 terrence jones would be great or alec burks too fill the 2 guard hole

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wow 2 picks in the top 10

thats amazing if they pick the right players and give them time to really develop they can get a really good young core best players available is pretty obvious they could go for Kanter and Walker that wouldnt be a bad combo

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Cleveland is getting contracted

so it doesnt matter how many 1st round picks they have

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I have em taking Kyrie at 2

I have em taking Kyrie at 2 assuming the Wolves take Williams first. Jordan Hamilton at 8 and Travis Leslie in the secondThey need potential at every posititon. I'd think they would consider taking Jonas as high as 3 if they fell out of the top 2. Motie at 8 makes sense if he's still available. Hamilton is one of the few potential all-stars in this draft, but Motie is a potential super star. I'd say BPA so long as it's not a duplicate of JJ Hickson or Christian Eyenga who I think are both decent players to build on. Even Manny looks decnt, but Burks would be decent in his place. God what a bad year to have good picks in the lotto.

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If they get a top 2 take Williams or Irving

with the 2nd trade it to a sure fire lotto team for a pick next year like Utah, Charlotte or Toronto so you can have 3 lottery 1st next year, own, LAC and Utah/Charlotte or Toronto

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First pick they have to go

First pick they have to go with Irvin or Williams.....(no brainer)

the second pick they should trade for picks next year , because next years draft is going to loaded from top to bottom.

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well i guess ill make a real

well i guess ill make a real comment though ive seen this question asked like 5 times already so go look at my mock lol,their second pick should be either Jan or Jonas by the way

Also most scouts think Williams is the next David West or Jamison and thats not really lottery pick material.

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They might as well give Cleveland the first

10 picks because damn they suck.

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