Who do you want the Kings to draft?

Hey just wanna get your thoughts on who you guys want to suit up for the Kings next year. I'll put down my choices in order.

4th pick

1. James Harden (think he has Roy-like skills and is a very good scorer/can run the team like a point guard.

2. Stephen Curry (would be very marketable because everybody likes him. Some experts think he is the best pure point guard [not to mention best scorer] in the draft. I don't think we should worry that his scoring will clash with K Marts because K Mart is not a franchise-type player and we could use more scoring and Curry is a very good passer.)

3. Jrue Holiday (very good size at 6'4" and 200 lbs. During his limited minutes at point for ucla, he showed very good vision and play-making ability. Can get to the rim whenever he wants and can be a very very good pro)

4. Jonny Flynn (Perhaps the most prepared to be a good point guard right away. Super good athlete with great speed can get to the rim and is supposedly very strong for his size)

5. Jordan HIll (our big guys are average, Hill is a beast. He is kinda like Thompson except a little better with the potential to be a lot better)

6. Earl Clark (6'10" small forward very athletic. We def need him)

7. Ricky Rubio (I think he can succeed in a fast paced system where his lack of strength wont be as much of an issue)

8. DeMar DeRozan (Sac could use somebody to get them excited again with his supreme athleticism)

9. Brandon Jennings (Very good passer and very quick. Also, very into himself which is worrisome. Over rated and not good size at all. Terrible shooter but a pretty good point guard)

10. DeJaun Blair (I would not be happy if the kings picked him at 4. No team would pick him at 4 but seeing him rip down 11 rebounds per game would be nice and Sacramento really needs his toughness)

I think in this draft the Kings need to address two important issues.

A) Point Guard position
B) Toughness/Defense

I think Holiday, Evans, Blair could provide toughness and defense.

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I forgot to mention Sam

I forgot to mention Sam Young or D Summers could bring good toughness to the lineup with the Kings 23rd pick.

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4th Pick

1. Rubio

2. Evans

3. Jennings

4. Flynn

5. Hill

6. Derozan

7. Harden

8. Curry

9. Holiday

That would be my order if I was GM.

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Over the course of two months

Over the course of two months the Suns have completely retooled their roster by being aggressive in free agency and ambitious while working the trading block netting a team which could possibly compete for a Western Conference playoff spot in their first season without Nash.

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