Who do you think deserved MVP of the Fiba World Championship?

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Who do you think deserved MVP of the Fiba World Championship?

The final stats

Luis Scola
27ppg 7.9rpg 1.2rpg

MVP Kevin Durant
22.8 ppg 6.1rpg 1.8apg

USA went undefeated, won the championship, and Kevin was one of the main reasons for that, but at the same time Luis took a weaker Argentina team to the quarter finals on his back, with some of the most dominating and efficient games of the tournament(he and Carlos Delfrino were the only players on Argentina to even avg over 10 ppg). Its a toss up to me

So my question to you guys is who deserved MPV more?


As far as being the most valuable to their team i guess you could make a case for Kirk Penney too

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Hands Down

No question, KD.

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Kevin Durant

Are you serious? I mean, Scola was incredibly valuable, and had a fantastic tournament, but didn't his team come in like 6th place? If Scola indeed led Argentina to a final round game or got to put up numbers against the US or the eventual winner, than he may very well have deserved the MVP. But, as it stands, Kevin Durant was the best player in the tournament, easily. Scola seriously was making a case for himself, as he was leading an Argentina without many of its star players and put up huge numbers throughout the tournament, but I think one game took him out of the running and that was Lithuania. Yes, he crushed it against Brazil in a close game, but Durant also put up a not so shabby 27 (Luis scored 37, damn impressive). But, in the next crucial game, Luis shot 5/16 and Argentina got jacked by Lithuania. While some may point to his weaker supporting cast and huge numbers and say that Scola was the MVP to his team and such, the tournament MVP and best player was easily Durant. He did not have a bad game and just played better as the tournament went on. Though a few games looked shaky in the beginning (Brazil, and Russia kept it close), he did not once have a bad game. Plus, he crushed Lithuania with 38, than dropped 28 in the final against Turkey. Those were two teams that had killed everyone all tournament long, only to be dominated by a Durant lead USA squad. Now, I am not one to say I am a huge fan of Kevin Durant, I am a Trail Blazer fan who still has a ridiculous and some might say insane tie to Greg Oden. But I can not lie about what I see, the guy is incredible. He was impossible to guard and he could really do it all. He even made big defensive plays and he was an intense player. I have to say, never, and I mean not since they have had NBA players, has a team just been straight up led by a single guy like this one. The Dream Team had MJ, but Barkley led them in scoring and crushed it. Shaq killed it, but he came off the bench in '94 (For good reason, he just would kill the second unit) and in '96 I think Barkley led by a bit in scoring again. But Durant broke the USA World Championship scoring record, all while winning back something we had not won since '94. How is it even debatable who the MVP was? Kirk Penney and Luis Scola are great players, and indeed both might be in line with being as good as some players on Team USA, but both did not get their respective teams to medal contention, which to me eliminates them from being in the discussion as MVP. Had Luis gotten Argentina past Lithuania, he might have very well been the MVP of the tournament, but it did not happen. Also, if you go by FIBA's ranking system, Argentina is still thought to be the highest ranked team in the world. Now, we all know that this is preposterous, as Argentina was maybe missing 2-3 of its best players, and to me the USA was missing, well, about 8 and still managed to win the tournament. But while Scola put up impressive overall numbers and was Argentina's unquestioned leader, I think that Durant held the same distinction for Team USA much more so than any of his other predecessors. It puts him in rare company, and it is not something I expect to see happen for quite a while, having a team full of good to great NBA players being led by a superstar. It worked though, and I think with that you have to give Team USA and Durant a lot of credit. Now, in 2012, when every country will more than likely (well, hopefully) have all of their best playing, and Argentina maybe gets a little further, Scola has a chance to battle in the semifinals and puts up big numbers to the eventual gold medal winner, than you can definitely make a case for him being MVP of the tournament (seeing that he wins the bronze). I would compare it to Enes Kanter when he won the MVP of Euro under 18 by having a ridiculous game, but still losing to eventual champion Serbia. But, had Kanter just put up numbers and lost before than, I do not see how you can still call him MVP. So, while Penney and Scola indeed had more talent than their teammates, and were maybe more valuable to their individual teams with their contributions, I can not see how they were overall more valuable than Durant. If he had not been on the team, the USA very well might not have won this tournament. We would not know, but at this point, but I am sure the USA is quite glad they do not have to find out.

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The MVP should always go to

The MVP should always go to the WINNING TEAM...Maybe if Scola had gotten Argentina to the Finals and they lost to USA ..Then you have a great case for naming Scola MVP...

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To me MVP means asking the

To me MVP means asking the question what would the team be without this player? To me Kevin Durant was very valuable to the USA but they had enough talent to ok without him. The two guys that stick in my mind are Scola and Kirk Penney.
Scola was an absolute beast all tournament and the focal point of their team.
I watched a lot of NZ as that's my national team and against Russia when Penney got benched in foul trouble everything went wrong. The key to that NZ offense was to get the ball to Penney, when he was off the floor that couldn't happen and Russia pulled away.
These two were also the 2 top scorers at the Champs.

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