Who do you take 1st

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Who do you take 1st

Ok if you are the Cavs what are you doing with the 1st pick and explain why.
I'm taking Otto Porter if I'm the Cavs, no its not the sexy pick but I believe that he can be a good player for many years to come. Porter may lack the upside that you would get from Bennett, Noel, or Mclemore but none of these players fill a major need like Porter does. Also I liked what I saw from Tristan this year he is still young and essentially if you draft Noel you are giving up on Tristan because they are the same style of player and Noel probably will never be strong enough to play the 5. Mclemore could be a good SG for many years to come but you just drafted Waiters last yr who plays the same spot. Yes Waiters is probably better suited as a 6th man. Also Mclemore has a few things that scare me and make me think he will never be as good as everyone hopes, first is the off court issues there have not been any major problems but a lot of smaller ones which makes me think he judgement might not be the best and what is he going to do when he gets all this money. Also he has been known to disappear at times during games just taking plays off which makes me ? his dedication. Which leaves me with Bennett, and Porter who both fill a need which is SF, and that's if you believe Bennett can play the 3 in the NBA. For me I don't think Bennett can play the 3 at the next level on the defensive side of the ball especially when you think he will be guarded guys like Lebron, KD, Deng just to name a few. I just don't believe he has the speed to hang with 3's. To me Porter makes the most sense because he is a SF and he doesn't need to score to be effective, also to me I love his character. He seems to be a quiet kid that is fundamentally sound at everything he does on the court. Actually the way he carries him self reminds me Tim Duncan, no I'm not saying he is going to be as good as Duncan or even anything close but they have a lot of similarities in the way the carry themselves.

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before i was thinking noel

before i was thinking noel but now i would take ben mac hands down

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I trade back most likely.

I trade back most likely. But if Dan Gilbert really wants to make the playoffs this year, he has to take Otto Porter, he is NBA ready and fits a huge hole for the Cavs. You take Mclemore/Noel if you are just trying to collect talent and want to select the most potential. But yeah I'd take Porter, I just like his personality, game, etc

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Alex Len. He is a true

Alex Len. He is a true center with legit size. Good talent for a big man.
The Cavs can get a small forward next year.

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I like Len more than McLemore

I like Len more than McLemore and Noel but think drafting him first would be a bad idea. It's good to go with the consensus prospects sometimes just because of their perceived trade value. Many GMs are sheep - they like who everyone else likes. So even if Noel ain't your favorite, you could get more from him as a trade block.

Secondly, I'm not sure how Len would react to being a number 1 pick. He's still a year or two away from being a contributor and may need to be eased into the league. A number 1 selection may hinder that process IMO.

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Draft Ben Mac and trade

Draft Ben Mac and trade Waiters and Casspi (S&T 2 mil for 1 yr) to Chicago for Jimmy Butler and Rip Hamilton

Chicago: Gets a player who can create for himself and score, also gives them a back court for the next 5 years

20: Dieng
49: Another big

Rose - Waiters - Deng - Boozer - Noah
Hinrich / Teague - Belinelli - Casspi - Gibson - Dieng


1st: B-Mac
19: Tony Mitchell, a bit of a reach but at this point in the draft its about looking for depth and he could push Thompson to his potential and be the first big off the bench
31: Goodwin (6th man)
33: Ray Maccalum (future back up for Irving)

Irving - B-Mac - Butler - Thompson - Varejao
Maccalum - Hamilton/Goodwin - Gee - Mitchell - Zeller

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Chi trade

You must not be a big Bulls fan. Jimmy Butler is currently untouchable right now. You don't play a 22 year old 48 minutes several games in a row in the Playoffs with the thought of trading him. Deng was always our sense of identity, then we hit the jackpot by getting a younger version of the same player who commands a lot less money. Rose, Noah, Butler; that's the Bulls backbone for the next few years. Not to mention ain't no way in hell we are trading our prize prospect to a division rival.

Yea people like to forget about Rose since it's been a year; but "create for himself and score" as you say, yea, we got that handled. And remember Coach Tibs, defense first, Waiters isn't on that level yet, Butler has already proved himself worthy by playing tight D on the greatest current player LeBron.

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Porter would be a pretty safe

Porter would be a pretty safe pick but I would go with McLemore. Waiters can be effective as the 6th man and have the ball in his hands more often with the 2nd unit. McLemore and Irving would potentially be the best shooting backcourt this side of Curry and Thompson. They already have Thompson, Varejao and Zeller up front and it isn't like there is a dominant center to be had in this draft. I think McLemore has the highest potential in this draft and even though they went SG last year it would be smart to do it again here.

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Bennett. He looks way to

Bennett. He looks way to fancy and explosive for me to ignore. He could play the 3 with Thompson at 4, or play PF with Gee at 3 and Thompson at 5, if you want to play small

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This is very difficult because I don't think anyone who is considered the top pick will be the best player in this draft I also think that if your looking for a sf next year is the year. I think the worst you can do next year is Lebryan Nash. Which isn't to bad. If I'm Cleveland though id pick McLemore and let the situation figure itself. There are free agent Sf and Otto porter is not going to be the difference in a playoff team not in his rookie year. Worse case mcelmore or waiters comes of the bench and is a dynamic six man and next year they have there chose of Sf.

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I am and have always been an

I am and have always been an Otto Porter fan. I prefer Benny Mac or Noel (if he checks out) but I just don't see how you can lose with Porter. I would be happy with Alex Len just not at one. If the Cavs don't draft Porter I think they should leave the 3 spot open for a future free agent signing. Either Iggy this year or someone else next year.

I would first call Charlotte and PHX and see if I can go back to 4 or 5 and pick up an asset. If Charlotte I would offer 1 for 4 + the Detroit protected pick. If they wanted they could have CJ Miles (he does have a capable 3 ball) in exchange for Reggie Williams or Jeffery Taylor.

Charlotte wouldn't go for it but I would also offer 1 and 19 + Miles for MKG.

I ask PHX for the 5 pick and Gortat for 1 and Tyler Zeller. If they play hard ball for Gortat then I would consider a 19 and 30 swap. Zeller replaces Gortat and they can have a ball with the first pick. They are probably the best team for Noel from a medical standpoint.

In either scenario my first goal would be to draft Len then if he is gone go for Oladipo or whoever drops from Porter, Noel or McLemore.

If they keep the pick I would draft McLemore. I am a fan of Noel's and I think if healthy I would go Noel without a doubt. I only miss like a game or two of the Cav's every season and they need shot blocking stat.

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I would go with Len. Nba bigs are different now than in the 90s. Len is a true center who is a good athlete, and is developing his back to basket game. He is also reliable enough on defense. If Andrew Bogut can go number 1, Len should too in my opinion.

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Who do Cavs take first

They're taking Nerlens Noel. Is that safe? Idk. But they have to. He's the consensus #1 and they're going to do what any other team would do. It's too bad it's a soft draft but that's their best bet. And let's not be naïve here, Cleveland is all in for the 2014 LeBron sweepstakes part deux. Think if that works out, they got a #1 in Kyrie (who's a young version of DWade, whose knees are about done) and a #1 in Nerlens. Then the very real possibility of former #1/former city&state hero LeBron coming back. That would be hard to pass up.

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I'd trade it for a later

I'd trade it for a later first rounder and a first rounder next year. and cap relief if I needed it.

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I would go Oladipo but based

I would go Oladipo but based on the fact i think he is the best prospect and not on team needs. I think he is going to be a star. I think Porter is a great fit and a safe pick, at this point i still think they take noel though.

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I would either take Porter or

I would either take Porter or trade back to the Wizards and draft whoever is leftover from Porter/Noel/BMac. They still get a solid player that they could have gotten with the #1 pick and they collect some assets from the Wizards.

To be honest, the Cavaliers are in a win/win situation. Whether they trade or draft, they still get a solid player.

Taking Porter might be more beneficial for them though.

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