Who do you see standing out in the european basketball championship

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Who do you see standing out in the european basketball championship

So I know that all eyes are on Parker and Gasol and Rubio etc, but I want you guys to tell me who you think will surprise us, from players that want to prove they can still contribute at a high level for their teams (Boris Diaw for example) to players that might come out of nowhere and play big (I have my eyes on Artem Pustovyi from Ukraine). The tournament is less than an hour away, feel free to talk about your favorite players and make your predictions!

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Hedo Turkoglu and Linas

Hedo Turkoglu and Linas Kleiza.

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Linas so far is looking as

Linas so far is looking as good as ever I think (in 11 friendly games)

and Jonas looks ready too, he is like 13ppg6rpg2bpg in only 20minutes per games in those matches

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Joffrey Lauvergne (Partizan)

Joffrey Lauvergne (Partizan) for france played very well during the preparation games... he stole playing time from petro and ajinca (horrible centers as noah seraphin mahinmi are not here) and proved he can contribute effectively.

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Hedo Turkoglu is so bad that

Hedo Turkoglu is so bad that I just threw my tv out. Turkish team looks like they have no chemistry Ilyasova and Asik look quiet too. Karasev is on the court right now. He has a great confidence and size, looking good on court. So does new Pistons signee Luigi Datome.

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