Who do you pick?

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Who do you pick?

You have Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James and the first overall pick and are forced to take either Kanter or Sullinger. Who do you pick and why? I'd go with Sullinger since he's proven to be a double double machine on the college level. I do believe Kanter has the ability to be just as good or better, but Sullinger is the safer pick in my opinion.

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Kanter. More potential.

Kanter. He has the potential to be a Star player for a PowerForward some day. Already star player Chirs for point, Kobe SG, James SF. Only makes sense to get the best potential when you have other players in your team to look up to because there aleady good.

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I would go with Kanter, due

I would go with Kanter, due to his higher potential and the position he plays. Centers are a premium position, not many of them around, and Kanter has legit size for a Center and has the skill set to be a good one. I kinda see him as an Andrew Bogut. And if I have CP3, Kobe and Lebron on my team, I don't know if it even matters much on who I go with, but you can never go wrong with size and Kanter has it.

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You are one lucky mofo if you have Paul, Kobe, LeBron, and the first pick

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If I have Paul, Lebron and

If I have Paul, Lebron and Kobe on my team all I need is a solid big man who can defend and rebound and score off easy baskets and thought Kanter is very hyped up and has shown he can play, I am just not completely sold on him yet and because Sullinger has proved he can produce despite his size, I would take him. He does need to lose some weight to become more agile and a better defender but he reminds me of a Paul Millsap type player, undersized PF who is underrated but can really produce, can score and rebound and really bang down low, he would definetly be able to finish shots by the rim with passes from Lebron and Paul. Plus with all those guys on your team, he wouldn't even be that much of the defenses focus.

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Depends on who my 4th player

Depends on who my 4th player is.

If it were say a Chris Bosh/LO/KG type, I'd go with Kanter.

If it were Sam Dalembert/Chandler/Biedrins type, I take Sullinger.

And if I was to have Brandon Rush/Ariza/Barnes types, I take Kanter.

Point is, is that at this point in the season, its purely a matter of preference.

Overall, I think Kanter is better, but the more likely of the two to not reach potential, as he has Knee questions. No matter what, I'd take Enes. Better inside, less range, as athletic, but BIGGER.

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[url=]I would pick this guy before either[/url]

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