Who do you guys have to win it all

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Who do you guys have to win it all

I think Kentucky has it the only team that could've caused a little trouble would be North Carolina withh Kendall Marshall, to me now no one stands a chance

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Kentucky and Kansas in the final and its looking good. I got Kentucky winning,too many Pro's man.

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I had the same thing as

I got the same thing as scout4real, my one good pick in this entire tourney.

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This young Kentucky team

This young Kentucky team hasnt been giving credit for being so mature and playing so well 2gether..I dont think theyre as talented as the team with Wall,Cousins, Patterson, Orton,Bledsoe and those guys,but they have a unique sense of purpose and having Davis blocking shots at a record rate,to help erase their mistakes on defense is a huge plus...MKG is the perfect role player and i believe his outside shooting touch will get better..You can see he has what it takes to hit outside shots,i believe he just made up in mind that scoring inside is better for the team..Dont be surprise if MKG goes in the top 3 of the draft....

This year's Title is Kentucky's To Lose..I see Ohio State giving them a harder time then Kansas..

But hey, 1st they have to get pass

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