who do you got?

The league is resetting. You're a GM. You don't have a SG. These five are on the board:

Gordon Hayward
O.J. Mayo
Victor Oladipo
Klay Thompson
Dion Waiters

Who do you take? Just curious.

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It depends who else is on my

It depends who else is on my team really. Would probably pick Mayo, I still think he has a massive ceiling don't know if he'll reach it though.

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It would depend on my team,

It would depend on my team, but probably Klay Thompson, every team can use a lights out three point threat

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Fit = irrelevant

You don't know who else is on your team. I tried to pick guys with distinct skill sets and size. I'm interested to see who users value most as a long-term franchise fixture.

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If we're going for star

If we're going for star potential, OJ Mayo. If we're going for a team player, Oladipo hasn't even played a game in the NBA yet so I'll go Gordon Hayward. You can't go wrong with Klay Thompson either, and I haven't seen enough of Waiters on the Cavs to make a judgment.

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I would take in order O.J.

I would take in order
O.J. Mayo
Klay Thompson
Dion Waiters
Gordon Hayward
Victor Oladipo (He might move up a lot depending how he plays in the league)

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I wonder if in a few years we

I wonder if in a few years we might stumble upon this thread and wonder why everyone wouldn't take Oladipo lol. Oladipo has some serious talent, but I would flip a coin. Heads mayo and tails Thompson. Can't go wrong with either.

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