Who do the Pacers draft?

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Who do the Pacers draft?

They have some good players in their range, do they go with a C like Melo?

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A guy who can create his own

A guy who can create his own shot!

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@HotSnot Amen! But to be



But to be honest... I don't think this team needs another young player. I'd rather them package this pick with some players and bring back a star player.

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BPA at the 26th pick. Yeah

BPA at the 26th pick. Yeah good luck.

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maybe trade Granger and slide

maybe trade Granger and slide George to his spot at the 3? That line up with Collison and Hill in the backcourt looked pretty nice.

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I agree they need to make a trade to sign someone who can create his own shot but.. if they can't get a player like that I would try to take a risk on royce white if he's available

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or tony wroten

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I saw they are mocked

to take Wroten and threw up in my mouth a little.

Package the pick for someone to run the offense, or a backup for Hibbert.

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Most important with their cap

Most important with their cap space is do everything they can to bring Eric Gordon back home, he immediately makes that lineup so much more explosive offensively. As far as the draft BPA, they can use a backup for Hibbert as well as a shooter like Lamb or Jenkins.

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I've seen some mocks say they

I've seen some mocks say they are going for the hometown kid Marquis Teague.

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i've been having them taking

i've been having them taking marquis league all season long pretty much. i don't like leandro barbosa for this team. some1 who can feed the bigs and find some open looks in the half court should do them plenty of good

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Sign Eric Gordon. Draft a

Sign Eric Gordon. Draft a backup big. Possibly Trade Granger although I'm not a fan of this idea as I don't think he has huge value

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I like Wroten if he's

I like Wroten if he's available, or taking Quincy Miller if they are satisfied with keeping George at the 2-guard spot for the future. Miller can learn his trade behind Granger, and is a guy who can get buckets, plus he has an aggressive mentality that George, Granger and Hibbert all lack.

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I dont think they need that

I dont think they need that pick, they have a great core group of young players

They need a veteran scorer, or a legit backup C

I think they need to package that pick for a talented veteran

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They need help at the 5, but

They need help at the 5, but any 5 they get with a late pick will be a project, so they're better addressng that through Free Agency. They need to address what they're doing with their offense via trade or free agency (target Nash or Gordon, trade Granger?) and then draft based on that. A backup 2 who can score a bit seems logical. I like Wroten or, if he's gone, Buford, theoretically.

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Marquis Teague

Marquise Teague , he is young , has good size , and can get into the lane is his best attribute. He will need to develop , but that late in the draft Teague is the best possibility for them if he is around. Plus he is an Indy kid.

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they already had mayo

imo they go back after oj mayo as a fa and draft teague i agree on what spacegrass said teagues ability too get in the lane leaves open shots for granger and mayo too knock em down

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I agree with just about

I agree with just about everything said here. They dont really need the pick as much as they need a veteran.

First choice at SG, Eric Gordon. If he cant be acquired, 2nd choice O.J. Mayo.

If Indiana keeps the pick and makes it for themselves...Teague, Miller, and Wroten all sound good, but if Doron Lamb falls down there and those others arent available, I like him too because of his deep ball shooting, decent handle, and defensive potential. He may not be a shot creator, but he already has a nice floater in the lane with can really be effective as we saw Wade use on Indy ironically. I think Lamb would be a good scorer for the 2nd unit....and George and Granger are interchangable at the 3 spot.

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Their Best Best

Is not to take Melo. They have Hibbert and Tyler can play spot duty at the 5. They need a pg who can create his own shot. Teague would be the most ideal, but I really don't think he will be there at the 26th spot. There is a shortage of pgs in this draft. Remember Teague was a high scorer until he got to UK. He had to change his roll. If you watched any of his games this year, you saw the potential scorer he could be. Needs to work on his outside shot, but man is he explosive, great first step and is golden 17ft and in. Plus as the other posters said, he is from Indy. If they want a solid role player that can create his own shot and play tough Defense they might think of Darius Miller. He plays like a veteran. He can shoot from anywhere. Not great, but awesome if you can get him with a high 2nd round pick.

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The Pacers seem like our team

The Pacers seem like our team (Grizzlies) last year. Nice young talent and made a run, losing in the semifinals to a very good team. They don't have a superstar, but they have an all-star center, two good wing players, David West at power forward, and some nice point guards. With Psycho T off the bench.

Last year the Grizzlies had Marc Gasol, Rudy Gay (before he got hurt), OJ Mayo, Z Bo at his peak, and Mike Conley. With Darrell Wright and Shane Battier off the bench.

I think for the Pacers to take the next step they need for Roy Hibbert to keep improving, along with Paul George. Granger can work on taking better shots and being clutch down the stretch. Utilize David West better. Get Darren Collison's head straight so he can perform like he did a few years ago in New Orleans, or move him for another point guard. ... I like Psycho T and Amundson as tough, hard-nosed energy guys off the bench. They are kind of like the new Davis boys.

If they could get Eric Gordon that would be great. Other than that they could use a shooter off the bench, maybe at point guard. Steve Novak or Jodie Meeks might be good, relatively cheap additions.

The Pacers also really need a backup center. Against the Heat, the Pacers played well when Hibbert was on the court. But, when he wasn't they really struggled. So that is why I like a Fab Melo pick for them. Fab Melo has great size and shot blocking ability. He should be a good, legit backup center.

For the Pacers to take the next step they need their core to improve. I doubt they land a superstar so they need to build a great TEAM around the Hibbert, Granger, George core. George Hill, David West, and Psycho T are good players to have around that core. ... The Heat are tough, so they should be right there next year too, but they have flaws (aren't that deep, LeBron and Wade do the bulk of their creating) so I think that a very good TEAM built around inside strength (Hibbert, West, Psycho T, another center) would be the way to go. The Heat are lacking at center, and are somewhat vulnerable at power forward. The Pacers could also attack their point guards (Chalmers, Norris Cole) with an improving George Hill, and either a revitalized Darren Collison or someone different. ... the Heat might be peaking this year and the Celtics are on their last legs. No reason why Indiana can't be a legit threat to win the East next year.

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They need a back-up big man,

They need a back-up big man, whether through the draft or free agency. Maybe they should take a player like Andrew Nicholson or Festus Ezeli and hope they can develop into an upgrade over Hansbrough or Amundson. Their two biggest weaknesses are a lack of depth at the 4 and 5 and the lack of a great slasher/shot creator. The lack of depth can be addressed through the draft, but the lack of a shot creator can't, to the extent of helping them take the next step.

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Draymond Green

I think they need a forward who can play the 3 and the 4. Green would fit, he's a real Indiana-type player. Tony Mitchell and perhaps Andrew Nicholson might fit as well.

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I think they need the PG they don't have and who's not available in that draft.

They need the ball in the right hands at the right time...

Without a package and free agency, keeping the pick, i'll try guys like miller or lamb(high IQ, new back up SG), around a 7'2 C in this league(nowadays) u can go "small" and versatile, granger-george-miller would be mismatches all over the floor...

Miller is skinny as hell but he's a way better post player than perry jones, true footwork and touch, he can pass, he can shoot, all length.

Or maybe royce white as a true point forward.

Without a true and legit starting PG, a true floor general, at least everybody else can pass the ball from 2 to 5...

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A few people are talking

A few people are talking about trading Granger, but isn't he untradeable now? How many more max pay years are left on that contract? Who would take that and give up a starting NBA player for a financial albetrouse?

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for me, i'd like the pacers

for me, i'd like the pacers to take Jennings in the draft. a serviceable role player with a set specialty. he may not address the need for a guy who can create his own offense, but he's a safer pick that fits well with their system. also, i believe that they can develop the player who can create his own offense from in house with their young talents in Paul George or a longer shot in Lance Stephenson. they could also address the need in trade or free agency which has a bigger chance of working out that hoping a late first rounder will be able to do so.

Fab Melo and Ezeli are also choices to go with for the back-up center spot, but like i mentioned earlier, think free agency is a better approach to go with since it allows them to have someone who can come in and contribute right away than hoping some rookie will be able to. we also know that not all if not few bigs transition well right away to the NBA game. The Pacers are in a position that they should be making improvements constantly and not wait for development of role players to give consistent contributions since they already have their core.

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Grangers contract

He's "only" owed $27 for the next two years, not near the max. Players he could be traded for straight up include:

Josh Smith

Al Horford

Carlos Boozer

Loul Deng

Ben Gordon

Andrew Bogut

David Lee

Kevin Martin

DeAndre Jordan

Marc Gasol

Monta Ellis

Kevin Love

Emeka Okafor

Tyson Chandler

Hedo Turkoglu

Andre Iguodala

LaMarcus Aldridge

Tony Parker

Manu Ginobili

Jose Calderon

Al Jefferson


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Pacers must find an upgrad to

Pacers must find an upgrad to their PG position which sucks and being the Achilles' heel of the team. if some how Marquis Teague fall to them at #26 they should take him and be thrill cause he's a player that can be develop to fantastic player, is compliment very well the team and their jump shooting wing players and bigs and he already has better PG skills than Darren Collison and George Hill!!

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