Who do the Jazz pick with the last lotto pick?

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Who do the Jazz pick with the last lotto pick?

Who do you think the Jazz will pick with the 14th pick? Were pretty much set at every position except one. Which means the jazz front office are more than likely to go after a pg. Obviously Burks will be off the board at 14, which leaves the possibility of C.J. McCollum, Dennis Schroeder, and Michael Carter-Williams. The teams picking 8-12 already have there established pg of the future. That just leaves the Mavs at 13 who could pick up a pg.

First you have the scoring senior pg in McCollum, who I think is pretty similar to rookie of the year Damian Lillard. The only problem I see with McCollum is I'm not entirely sold on his play making ability. Schroeder, the youngest of the 3pg's,is a pretty unknown guy up Intel lately, but he's show he has the talent the play in the league. Still I think he's a bit of a gamble but I wouldn't be mad if we picked him. Then you have Michael Carter Williams. I like him because of his size 6"6, his passing ability, and the number of steals he got last season. My only concern with MCW is his shooting. But his other gifts you cant teach, shooting can be improved upon. Really id be happy with anyone of them. What do you guys think?

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Jazz should get their PG through FA (Teague comes to mind) or through trades using their wealth of young talent, draft picks and cap space (bledsoe, bledsoe, bledsoe!). If they're looking for their franchise PG in this draft, one worthy of filling out the very talented young roster they've quietly been building, they're not going to find him. I like Shane Larkin as a low risk/high reward pick at 21, but at 14 I would go with best player available.

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They need to get the Schroe. No question about it. He's got a shot that has to be respected and he also has the most defensive potential out of the three.

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I don't like McCollum as a PG

I don't like McCollum as a PG prospect. Yeah he can score, but he really doesn't strike me as a guy who has or can develop a play making ability. Williams is tall, but inconsistent. I really like Schroeder and feel he has the most potential out of those three.

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I've got Schoeder slotted to

I've got Schoeder slotted to the Jazz at 14.

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I like Schroeder but to me he's a quitter.

I too like Schroeder, but I didn't like what he did once he got a promise. He quit participating in the combine and then he wasnt going to participate in euro summit this June in hopes of preparing for the draft. Well that's great that he wants to play in the NBA, but the combine is supposed to help prospects further show off their skills to prospective teams. Yes, he got a promise very soon into the combine, but to me thats a red flag, because no team would tell a player "we will draft you no matter what". The only team that has the ability to say that is the Cavs since they have the #1 pick again. Yet no way Schroeder goes number 1.
To me when a player stops participating in the combine it shows a lack of effort and wanting to get better. This is what concerns me about him. He may be focusing solely on the draft to dissuade teams from thinking that he might stay over in Europe, but if he stops participating in the combine because he got a promise and he's not the favorite for the #1 pick, then wouldnt that lead teams to believe that he won't come to workouts either, because he already has a promise?
The jazz dont seem to be a team that rewards players for quitting once they receive a promise.

So no, I don't want Schroeder, instead I want Larkin with the 21st pick since he's the best pg available. He can pass, he can shoot, and he's very athletic. has a 42 inch vertical! Impressive for a guard being under 6 feet. And he's extremely fast. True he would better served as a great backup, but that's why the jazz should look to get there franchise pg that is young through free agency. Like sammybuckeye 13 said. Teague, Bledsoe, and Collison come to mind.

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Draft Giannis Adetokoubo at

Draft Giannis Adetokoubo at #14, turn him into the Jazz starting SF of the future.

#21 Draft Glen Rice Jr., trade Burks to the Suns or Clippers.

#46 I'd pick between: Myck Kabongo, Livio Jean-Charles, Shane Larkin, Andre Roberson, Adonis Thomas or Archie Goodwin, they could all help the Jazz at pick #46!

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I will be extremely surprised

I will be extremely surprised if McCollum is still on the board at 14, I see him going top 10, especially after individual workouts. If he slips out of the top ten, no doubt Dallas takes him so yeah, Shroeder or maybe MCW will be the guys they're looking at with their picks.

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Schroder sounds like a great

Schroder sounds like a great talent but he also sounds like he is a problem child and for that reason I hope the Jazz pass on him, MCW would be a fairly safe pick if he were still available but if he's not then we probably need to go big and hope Larkin is available at 21 or Kabongo in the 2nd round. Several bigs should still be available at 14, Plumblee would probably be a fairly safe pick, Gobert would be more of a high risk, high reward pick, Giannis is another high risk , high reward pick but I'd love to see the Jazz take a chance for a change ( they are usually pretty conservative), and pick Giannis at either the 14 or 21 pick.

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They really, really need a

They really, really need a good PG to contend. Trey Burke is going to be good - you would think he would at least be Holiday / Conley / Lawson standard.

OKC need a scoring big. Utah should do a sign and trade with either Milsap or Al Jeff for either their 12th pick or J-Lamb then see if Orlando would trade their 2nd pick (Burke) for Utah's 14th and 12th pick / Lamb. Alex Burks hasn't been great they could maybe use him instead of a pick ?

A core of Burke, Haywood, Kanter and Favors is going to be strong for years to come....

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Kelly Olynyk might fall to them, with his poor combine performance. If so, Utah might not be able to pass him up, despite their extremely loaded frontcourt.

If I'm the GM, Schroeder is the obvious pick if he's there. MCW otherwise.

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They should shop the pick to

They should shop the pick to us and try to get Eric Bledsoe.

Honest truth.

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