Who did you like in the Elite 24?

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Who did you like in the Elite 24?

The UA elite 24 all star game took place last night under the Brooklyn bridge in NYC last night. First off I would like to say it was a great idea by Under Armour and Boost Mobile to take the game back to New York city. The venue was beautiful.

With me being a New York native I obviously was looking to see what fellow New Yorkers Isaiah Whitehead and Chris McCullough would do. Also was looking at Emanuel Mudiay and Kelly Oubre.
Whitehead put on a show in front of his hometown crowd.He is also from the borough of Brooklyn so I can bet he had a lot of people there rooting for him. I believe he went for 26 points and displayed 3 point range.He hit 4 shots from downtown. He had the midrange game working and also took it to the rack a few times. On one play he called for an Iso on "Eman" and took him to the lane,spinning off him going left then banking it off the glass with his left hand for an AND 1.He recieved overall game MVP. just recently ranked him their number 1 shooting guard. expect him to be top 3 sg's in espn and rivals when they update their rankings

Eman came out in the first half not really doing much. Then he committed to SMU on national television at halftime and came out in the second half firing.He hit a couple three's, he took some of the smaller guards down to the block. He took it to the rack. He dropped off some nice assist. He did basically anything you can ask for.His team was getting blown out and he got his squad back into the game with his outstanding play.

Obviously an all star game is not where you evaluate talent at I'm just saying who I liked from the game. Who did you guys like last night?

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I liked Tyus Jones he is so

I liked Tyus Jones he is so smooth with the basketball and can make plays at a high level

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I was kind of disappointed

I was kind of disappointed when i found out that Seventh Woods wasn't going to play.......But it was an entertaining game...And that was my 1st time seeing that kid Mudiay play,i was very impressed with him and Oubre.........

I was watching the game last night with some friends..1 of my buddies mentioned much he loved those uniforms and socks,the players wore.....He wants to buy it for his sons,nephews and himself....He's been looking online to see if they were available?

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only caught the 3 pt contest

only caught the 3 pt contest and i wasnt very impressed at all... some of those shots looked super broke. I cant believe they let some of those guys participate in it, i mean multiple scores of 3,4, and 5 is just terrible. devin booker was good tho but those other guys were tough to watch... wish I saw the actual game

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off the top of my head

off the top of my head





Zimmerman started to get loose the second or third time he was put in the game but at first he looked lost and unaggressive, but he did bring the ball down the court once and had a few good finishes at the rim. He still looks weak..almost awkwardly skinny.

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Mudiay & Stanley Johnson were

Mudiay & Stanley Johnson were the standouts to me. Mudiay looked like a future NBA star in the 2nd half. He went to work in the post..showed range & passed the ball well.

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