Who Could the New Jersey Nets Get?

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Who Could the New Jersey Nets Get?

Who do you think the Nets are getting in the 2010 Class of FA?

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Potential Possibilities

No particular order of interest.

Dirk Nowitzki
Joe Johnson
David Lee

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No Real Big Names

any of these

Joe Johnson
Carlos Boozer
Dirk Nowitski
Rudy Gay
David Lee

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Im a big Nets fan but i think

Im a big Nets fan but i think 2011 is their year.

Just my opinion but Carmelo will go there. I dont think theyll get any big name free agents, but i think they will be very active in trades.

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Its tough for them, because

Its tough for them, because there primary need is PF, and if they plan on addressing that in the draft, there not gonna draft a kid #3 overall, and have him sit on a bench behind Chris Bosh for the next 6-years

I can see them targeting David Lee, but if there sold on whoever they draft, they might go for a SF like Gay, or like Therevenger suggested preserve there cap space, and try again in 2011

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