Who is the better prospect Beal v McLemore and Len v Jo Val?

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Who is the better prospect Beal v McLemore and Len v Jo Val?

Who is the better prospect Beal v McLemore and Len v Jonas Valanciunas?


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McLemore is the better

McLemore is the better prospect athletically, and has backed it up being praised for a great shooter as well. I'm a fan of Valanciunas toughness and defense. Len is a lot more skilled offensively, but doesn't bring it like Valanciunas does on the defensive side of the basketball court.

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I'm more impressed with Beal

I'm more impressed with Beal than McLemore; Beal has more aggression and has a much better handle, even if he's not quite as athletic.

I like Valanciunas better than Len too, he has an underrated offensive game and just needs to get more confident in the NBA to start being a threat on the low post.

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I like McLemore and Len more

I think McLemore and Len have higher ceilings, but Beal and Val are the better players right now.

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I think McLemore might have a

I think McLemore might have a little bit more upside, but Beal has the smoother game and seems like he could play a variety of roles for a team. I'd also say Beal has a higher floor than McLemore.

Len is a more finesse player and has a little more range, but Valanciunas has shown a nice post game and is very good at absorbing cotact and getting to the line, where he shoots a great percentage. JV plays a lot tougher as well and has a better motor and some promising defensive instincts. Valanciunas also has a frame that looks like it could pack on a lot more muscle, so I would definitely say he's the better prospect.

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I'm going to go with McLemore

I'm going to go with McLemore and Len and I usually give more experienced players benefit of the doubt. Mostly for all the same reasons 4evernever gave. Len to me projects better because he won't put on much more muscle. I watched Big Z stay lean and fluid and it fit his skill set and Vitaly Potopenko get buffed up and become a brick wall. He was a tough as nails brick wall but a brick wall. Jo Val already doesn't run the court and look fluid like he used to before the beef. Guys like Varejao and Joakim Noah use more agility then pure athleticism and strength to foible rebounds and play in space. The difference between Len and Jo Val won't be as big as Ilguakas and Potopenko but I do think Len will separate if he comes back healthy. Jo Val missed a handful of games this season because of injury so hopefully he'll come back leaner this year.

I'm a big Beal guy, but he has never been the dominant leader type at Florida or in the League. Beal seems only slightly less passive than McLemore and if you took McLemore 15 worst shooting performances it will probably be right on par with Beal's average shooting percentages at Florida.

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McLemore over Beal: This is

McLemore over Beal: This is close, but McLemore is the better shooter and has more room to improve his game.

Valaniunas over Len: This one is easy. Valanciunas is better on both ends of the floor. He is bigger, more athletic and plays with a great motor, while Len plays with a low energy level. Len may be a better shooter than Valanciunas, but that is it.

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I just can't understand how

I just can't understand how people can say McLemore is the better shooter. Beal shot a scintillating .54% from three in the month of March, and .51% from three in January. That's pretty impressive for a rookie sg who played a lot of year without Wall. I'm not sure if McLemore is consistent enough yet to put up those kind of numbers.

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Athletically, McLemore would hold an edge over Beal. What makes Beal the better player is he understands how to use his body wise and effectively. The presence of a veteran PG with leadership will be vital for Ben's development.

Valanciunas is definitely underrated. Since watching his style of play in the U18Euro Championships and how coachable he was, I have been a fan of his. His is agile and hardnose type of player which seems to have the ability to control the game with his screen and rolls. If able to master a mid range jumper, the sky is the limit for him in the NBA. Although Steve Nash's choice to the Lakers was hard to argue against but I was truly disappointed and actually hoped that Nash would sign with Toronto. It would have been a massive boost for the organisation with Nash's leadership skills, also for the growth of Basketball in Canada.

I believe, Nash's style of play would allow much quicker growth for Valanciunas and allow Bargnani to gain back confidence with setshot dimes.Both big bodies would be solid and effective screeners and Nash would have two style of plays to play with.

One skill I love and believe he will eventually become a master at it, is the Pick and Roll. He seems to understand the why and why not of it and his timing of cutting to open space can not be taught. He is still young with great time ahead of him. I hope he is able to stay major injury free and grow through time tp become an International star.

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Supposedly McLemore's not

Supposedly McLemore's not looking good in workouts, recently bombing his Suns workout. He could be slipping.

"James Ham @James_Ham
Hearing that Ben McLemore is sliding down the draft board fast. Will he make a last minute stop in Sac in an attempt to secure the top 7?
8:16 PM - 22 Jun 2013

"I'm hearing McLemore bombed in Phoenix. N.O. has Gordon at #6 and like Burke. Would the Kings pass on a top 2 talent?"

There's something missing with McLemore beyond his lack of ability to handle the ball. Does he lack the smarts and competitive edge? He appears to me to be an "aww shucks" kinda kid who could be overwhelmed by the situation. IDK, but these pre-draft settings don't seem to be benefiting him. He could just be a guy who functions well in 5 on 5, not in 1-on-1, 2-on-2, or even drills. Haven't heard any positive news about him lately.

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