Who is the better prospect?

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Who is the better prospect?

Evan Turner or Xavier Henry and why?

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That is a great question.

That is a great question. Evan Turner has some swagger to him...he is a confident player. Henry is probably a better shooter but that is it. I think Turner has better length, is more aggressive, & is the better athlete. I haven't seen Henry play enough yet though (only twice). We will see what he does at Kansas. Right now I would say Turner is the better prospect.

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Jashaun Agosto. Youngest.

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You're right again it's Turner in my opinion. Turner I see is great guard that kinda reminds me of Richard Jefferson as a guard.

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He looks like Jefferson but he is alot more polished and smooth. I think he's better than Henry because he defends really good, and has no true weaknesses to his game and could get better. He seems like Brandon Roy more than any other player than compare to him

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