Who is the better prospect?

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Who is the better prospect?

Kemba Walker or Sherron Collins?

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isn't he younger, plus I think he has more upside.

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most of the time you have

most of the time you have more upside because you are younger since you have more years to not sure i can say who will potenially be better..right now collons has proved he is better so i guess we just have to see what kind of step kemba makes as a starter

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Sherron is smaller and with his weight issues it scares you a little. Sherron could also be great, he is the better athlete and is a ball of energy, plus you have to love that he played a significant role on potentially a couple of Kansas champions (forecasting). Nonetheless, Kemba I think plays bigger than Sherron, and has a fantastic motor. I would not be surprised if Kemba had a much longer wing span, and I think he will come into his own as a scorer and first option this next year at UCONN. Just seems like Kemba is the more likely prospect to succeed, I think he played much better than Sherron did his first year at college and showed flashes of being a very solid point.

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Kemba is under the jonny flynn mold,but Collins more like less athletic Nate Robinson,and considering how Flynn does will be how high Walker goes next year in the draft

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Collins has battled injuries

Collins has battled injuries but I predict he will be the best PG in college next season. Its hard to judge Kemba until he plays.

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