Who is a better player

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Who is a better player

I just curious who in this forum would pick Chase Budinger over Terrance Williams in a draft. I think in a game Williams would destory Budinger. Williams is just as good if not a better athlete, better passer, better rebounder, and better defense player I dont get this mock draft

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both are pretty good

but it's hard to compare because they are not same type of players, but I think with going about 25pick they both can be steals

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depends on the team

Budinger could be a good third scoring option while Williams will be a lock down defender that will score working off others

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The big issue for Williams

The big issue for Williams is that he requires the ball in his hands to have any sort of offensive game, but his shot is not good enough to earn any kind of respect at the NBA level. Additionally, he lacks the size to play the small forward position in the NBA.

You're right, in a one-on-one, I would probably take Williams. But Budinger has a lot to offer an NBA team. He's a very polished scorer who can shoot from behind the arc and midrange equally well. He's a terrific athlete with a natural smoothness about his game. And he's learned to play well without being the focal point of the offense, something Williams hasn't proven he can do.

It's also worth noting that Budinger's defense has improved every year of his college career. And while he's not the lock-down stopper that Williams can be at times, Budinger isn't a major liability any more, either.

I would say Budinger should be a lottery pick, while Williams has played his way into the first round. A lot of that has to do with the fact that Budinger is a natural shooting guard while Williams is an undersized small forward.

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I agree with adi...

I agree with adi... Buddinger is a better option but Williams is also a very good player he is just undersized for the three. Both are athletic and both can score but buddinger is a lil better at both and a few inches taller.

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Williams vs. Budinger

I think Williams is a better player at this point and would probably win in a one on one but I think Budinger has more potential (I dont Budinger reaches it) than williams. You have to remember that Budinger wasn't playing competitive basketball until his Sophomore of high school, he was considered a better volleyball player than basketball player coming out of high school

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terrence has developed his shot tremendously this year. he'll continue to become a better shooter into his NBA career. that is about the only problem in his game

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ive liked budinger since he first came outta high school. I see him having a good impact at the next level at shooting guard and maybe even small forward depending on the matchup. Williams is a solid role player from my pint of view. If he worked on his shot a little more at the next level he could wind up a pleasant suprise at the next level

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The best he could be is an older grant hill or an older michael finley

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I think chase is a much better player for two reasons. The first is that chase has a great shooting touch and great transition defense and speed. And the other reason is Williams shooting touch, or lack there of. He is a bad shooter with horrible shoot selection. I give it to you that he is a better rebounder, better and defensively, but I highly doubt he is a better passer. and a small forward with out a decent shoot should never go early in the first round. I do agree that the position chase is prospected at is generous, it depends what the team needs and what they can use.

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